Abstract Jelly Collection – Quinta

Abstract Jelly Collection – Quinta
Novena For Life

Image by Pathos Photos
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I bet they would make great pets … and if they get out of line you could always flush them back to where they came. They hold grudges though, so you would hence forth be watching your back for fear of jelly-righteous-retribution. Plus they travel in packs and anything that colorful probably has some sort of toxic defenses. You know, now that I think about it … you should really just be their loyal servant.

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3 Responses to Abstract Jelly Collection – Quinta

  1. gatussobeto says:

    I like the movement and the light in this photo. Jellies are quite surreal.

  2. Patrick Mayon says:

    very abstract. Interesting photo seen in Artistic impressions

  3. jcbwalsh says:

    Great ghostly effect.

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