“Abort” Follows Gabriella, a 16 y/o girl who got into an involuntary pregnancy and is having an abortion. During the operation a group of interns, accompanied with rubber gloves, are entering the surgery room, exploring Gabriella’s body. “Abort” is my film studying graduation film. It had participated in festivals around the world (Israel, NYC, Paris, Adana, Geneva) and won several prizes: “Most Promising Director” at the Women International Film Festival, Rehovot, 2010 and “”Best Short Film” at the Israeli Film Festival, NYC, 2011.

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  1. ninjajesus81 says:

    What you call a sin is not relevant to anyone who isn’t indoctrinated by your crazy beliefs. But I’ll tell you what is relevant, and evil, is telling a woman she must give birth to her rapist’s child. If you could tell a woman to do that, you’re an evil person who has no compassion. If your wife or mother was raped, would you tell her to give birth to the rapist’s child? I can’t believe someone would be disgusting enough to do that. If you would, you’re an abominable person.

  2. DmonHiro says:

    And people who aren’t religious couldn’t care less.

  3. 1997seanmac says:

    Its not its got no stance on abortion its actually nutral on the issue. But it shows how people feel isolated after a termination and other factors to abortion that are rarely talked about.

  4. Jrink300 says:

    If this is actually a pro-choice video, then I am shocked. It made the girl feel alone and miserable and showed the brutality of abortion on the minds of girls. This is actually very effective in my opinion for the pro-life cause. Thank you.

  5. darimbm says:


  6. spoiledcutie1300 says:

    is this prolife or prochoice im confused it seems like there saying abortion is a skanky operation but i cant tell

  7. roberto esteban says:

    Shit of abortion and shit of video

  8. SuperVancouverBC says:

    you do realize that birth control is used to treat many diseases?

  9. cattolico37 says:

    In the Name of GOD STOP ABORTION , a country who permits the murder of babies has no future, if you committed abortion as a mother or ‘doctor’ or if you are a pharmacist who gave the ‘MORNING AFTER PILL’ and other contraceptives like the ‘INTRAUTERINE DEVICE’ which prevent implantation of the baby in the womb, please confess your sin in a Catholic Church, as soon as possible. DO NOT KILL is one of the ten commandments.MURDER IS A MORTAL SIN.

  10. cattolico37 says:

    DO NOT KILL! Is one of the ten commandments, life begins as soon as fertilization occurs. Murder occurs also if you take ‘the Morning after Pill’, which does not always prevent ovulation.GOD made Himself man in Jesus, His Son. It is stupid to believe that GOD was not GOD if not only after a period spent inside the womb of the Holy Virgin Mary . STOP ABORTION! Countries who permit the murder of children have no future.

  11. darimbm says:

    It’s a short film I’ve made in 2010

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