Sea Lions and Seals

Two of the more common marine mammals on the west coast of North America are sea lions and seals. The two belong to the superfamily Pinnipedia, which means f…
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5 Responses to Sea Lions and Seals

  1. Dominique L says:

    Nice video

  2. harpsichordRB says:

    Very beautiful and edifying video. I like it. Thank you for uploading.

  3. inthebigpicture says:

    oh so beautiful :D

  4. sngrmnsthsm says:

    Wow I just learned a lot about Seals and Sea Lions that I didn’t know before, Thank You! They’re super cute, I love it when they play. :)

  5. alesuaarez says:

    Sea Lions are so beautiful and funny, Seals are cute!!

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