Smite: Out of My League: Tyr Solo Gameplay

SMITE Ranked Conquest League Gameplay: Tyr Solo Gameplay Disclaimer: I’m bad at Tyr, I don’t know his skill priorities, I don’t do physical melee’s. Max 2 ov…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Karan Chaphekar says:

    Why didn’t you got magical protect as starting item

  2. GFG - This is Smitten! says:

    Note, I’m bad at Tyr, Soap is going to make me change that after watching this. : ( You know what makes a Smitten’s day? When you rate and leave feedback on the video! :D Don’t you want to make a Smitten’s day today? -Smitten

  3. DeuvedeWathafak says:

    srry but u’re bad with tyr.. XD

  4. lil'_BLITZfury says:

    Hun Batz has one of the best team fight and enemy re-positioning ult. nothing to sneeze at. Shut down Thanatos early and he cant do anything. Also max 2 first, since the nerf to the damage on Tyr’s 1 people always max 2 first + the heal from the 2 in defense stance gives a ton of heal for sustain in the lane. Also in the laning stage there was so many opportunitys to take that aggressive Chang’e into tower range and kill her.

  5. XMoshe says:

    Smitten spanking Isis, come on fanart creators lets make it happen! Great vid smitten ^_^ You do indeed max your 2 first =p

  6. ChrisJD10 says:

    At 15:40 you got targeted because of Mystical Mark ticking away at Chang’e

  7. Joe DiMaggio says:

    Tip: on solo lane, you don’t need to buy teleport as a starting item. You can buy a couple extra pots for early sustain. Then, at your first back, get TP then. Just ensure you have 600 gold before you back, and you can back, buy TP2, and get into lane. The extra pots early give you a bit of a cushion, just in case. Or, if you are brave, a cheap ward and some mana pots. Or, a ward, and some health pots, and your blue buff to sustain before your first back.

  8. chydevids says:

    Tip: Upgrade the 2 for good damage and heal

  9. Edmund Wong says:

    Why did you buy mark instead of shield against change

  10. Tien Thanh Le says:

    Why didnt u get shield instead to counter change?

  11. thundanuggets says:

    You made mistake as soon as the match started. Mystical mark is a goo item, but if you knew you were going against Chang’e, you should of started out with magical defense.

  12. Aquaman says:

    A great first pick against a Chang’e as a bruiser is Pestilence early on Health+Magical protection+it makes her heal for less :)

  13. Ultra Umbreon says:

    Tip on itemization and ability leveling. If you are going phys against mage, go: A) Shield for power, sustain, and protection Or B) Hide of the Urchin if you know you have a competent jungler for phys protections against minions for poking AND magic protections against the enemy mage If you are phys versus phys, go A) Mystical Mark for push, poke, and protections against minions AND enemy god B) Witch Stone for attack speed, movement speed, phys protection and reduced enemy phys power ONLY if they are say, an ADC building phys power in solo C) Anhk of the Bear for protections and power For leveling Tyr’s skills, you can go Power Cleave, Change Stance, Fearless, Justice Dunk. Still experimenting with leveling Change Stance over Fearless. Otherwise, the norm is, Power Cleave Change Stance Fearless Justice Dunk

  14. shasha2727 says:

    protip; you shouldn’t have to start with teleport to towers as a solo, you can use that money to buy more pots at the beginning for better sustain and buy TP at your first back along with whatever other items you decide you want.

  15. ohshityoheadsgone says:

    Biggest mistakes I saw was not rushing teleport and mystical mark, you needed magical protection and solo is about survival, back to survive not when it’s convenient and getting tier 3 teleport allows you to back all the damn time so that’s all the advice I could give you 

  16. Firewolf king says:

    Smitten you should have gone shield because of a magical solo lane mystical mark is for when you gots a physical lane

  17. lolumaria says:

    To be honest Tyr is hard when your new too him, but that chang’e was just too good

  18. simpsondudes says:

    Any reason why you went for mystical mark first item? You were against chang’e and that was a physical defence item … that’s probably why chang’e could kill you easily. 

  19. PJPWNSTER2010 says:

    why did u get ur 1 and not ur 2

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