Casualties of the Texas anti-abortion crusade

Casualties of the Texas anti-abortion crusade
TEXAS WOMEN and others seeking abortions now have fewer reproductive rights than they did before legislation went into effect this month, resulting in clinics having to turn away hundreds of patients. "This is heartbreaking for us on so many levels …
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Spain grapples with abortion revision
The disturbance last month, orchestrated by the feminist group Femen, graphically illustrated the anger felt by some over planned reforms to abortion law. The centre-right government aims to reverse legislation introduced by its Socialist predecessor …
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Told She Should Abort Her “Disabled” Baby, Mother Says Absolutely Not
Calling the bid to end late-term abortion a “humanitarian issue,” Chantel Stuckman told of the heart-wrenching moment when she and her husband were told that her 24 week pre-born son had deformities so severe that he was not expected to live. While her …

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