Toure: ‘I cannot imagine arguing against a woman’s right to control her body, and thus her life’

On The Cycle Jan. 25, 2013, Toure discusses a personal experience, how it informed his views on abortion, and that he couldn’t imagine arguing against a woma…
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15 Responses to Toure: ‘I cannot imagine arguing against a woman’s right to control her body, and thus her life’

  1. TechnoUniversity says:

    Fuck you you fucking religious nuts!!

  2. Pygmy Guat says:

    his last name is “the clown”

  3. eslgurucalif says:

    No last name? This guy is a classic narcissist. Pray for his baby that was actually born.

  4. Jay Smith says:

    At least the hospital stay would be free, eh? 

  5. hesingshesobs says:

    Blech. I wish Toure would stop trying to pretend and release his full name officially: Toure Ari Ben-Bar Schleftenstein Neblett

  6. Bludo1018 says:

    I never asked for your time fag

  7. John D'Aoust says:

    Your not worth my time you moron!

  8. Bludo1018 says:

    Ohh did I hit a special spot on you you little queer. Topical comment coming from a liberal.

  9. John D'Aoust says:

    Bludo..I get it your a religious raciest prick with no respect for women, good luck in life! I hope you meet and settle down with someone just like yourself. Please visit the closest ghetto and in a loud and powerful voice shout-out the word you so much like to use to describe African Americans “Nigger” go ahead I dare you you fucking coward! Lets see how brave you really are! I’m Canadian and unlike you I really do have black friends and up here you’d be in a ICU for using those words

  10. nzbhw1 says:

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  11. Bludo1018 says:

    What a selfish fuckin nigger.. Kill a little baby to save ur own life? What a cowered . He prays that his abortion safety net stays there . I say he needs to become the prey and no that baby what a piece of puke low life piece of shit

  12. TonyRockix21 says:

    you killed someone because ”you” made a mistake……SUCKA!

  13. MatthewESims says:

    It’s good that more and more people are waking up to the reality of it. Abortion is murder through and through.

  14. AM5TERDAMNED says:

    you can use contraception you dont need to murder babies being proud of killing your baby is discusting and then to pretend its to build stronger families , wow what a joke, you were man enough to impregnate and man enough to defend killing a helpless baby, well done you are just like hitler and the founder of planned parenthood…. only they would have preferred you get aborted

  15. theholyrosary50 says:

    Anortion is murder!

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