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18 Responses to DUPE ALERT: SUPER CHEAP AMAZING BIKINIS!!!! | Jordan Cheyenne

  1. SparklicityNo6 says:

    Thanks for sharing!love the dupe videos, more swim stuff! xo

  2. Larai-Lulu Cnova says:

    Totally I remember this on beach bunny I wanted it so badly! Shopping I go!! Your body looks fab:-)

  3. Melisasa9402 says:

    Can you try some of the Triangl bikini dupes? They are all over the place now for under 20$ as compared to 80+ for the actual one!

  4. UnaBluRose says:

    You have a beautiful body

  5. mary ellen santamaria says:

    Ahhhh how were you able to get 2 different sizes??? I can’t figure it out!!

  6. Jen Lux says:

    your hair looks fabulous :) <3 

  7. Sowieesmirgefällt says:

    wow did you know how it is with to pay customs? Sorry Im German XD my englisch is not good

  8. xoxokarmen20 says:

    Is this still on sale?!!!

  9. Raiden Quinn says:

    I was sponsored 2 times by dress link and their clothes are SHIT!! they weren’t too happy with my video lol

  10. Nicole Matthews says:

    That is such a snag!!! I really like this bathing sute! So cuteee!!

  11. Melissa Rosa says:

    YES! more dupe videos :))))))

  12. Jennifer Yong says:

    totally just ordered one ! and it looks great on you! thanks for the video! :)

  13. Marcella Villarreal says:

    That bathing suit is superrrr cute! Love the colors!

  14. Ana C says:

    So when I click on your link for the swim suit is it the 2 piece or just the top? 

  15. Bella Mosqueda says:

    I would LOVE to see the sigma dupes! & you look gorgeous in that bikini, no need to say you don’t have that “beach body”!❤️

  16. Christine Nisbett says:

    Just subscribed to you, you’re great :) 

  17. Lo Ve Oaht says:

    You look great in that bikini!! Great deal! 

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