Stucky Zombie Run

Stucky Zombie Run
Event on 2013-10-12 10:00:00

Stucky Music Group presents:

Stucky Zombie Run

Date: October 12th, 2013

Phil Moore Park, Bowling Green, KY

Zombie sign in–8am

Runner sign in–9am

Race starts at 10am with waves every half hour till the last runners leave the safety zone.

This will be roughly a 5k cross country obstacle course with lots of mud, blood, and hungry zombies lurking in the shadows to chase after you.


The apocalypse isn’t pretty. This course will follow a path in an open field and a wooded death trap. Hordes of flesh-eating zombies will be waiting for you to slip up on an obstacle or be just a little too slow, then it is just a matter of time before you are overrun. Can you overcome the obstacles and make it back to the safe zone uninfected? Surviving requires more than mere speed. Participants must use their agility, intact brains, and possibly even teamwork to overcome what lies ahead of them. All of this to evade the smell of death and outreached hands that will be trying desperately to take away their life. For those reasons this run will not be officially timed.

Before the race, you will be given a flag belt with 5 flags on it. These flags represent your health. This is what will be what separates the survivors from dinner. 4 or 5 flags remaining– apocalyptic survivor, 1-3 left means you made it, but have been infected and need to be quarantined. No flags equal no hope, you lost the battle and were served up raw. Kind of like sushi for zombies. The zombies main goal is to take your lives and make you one of them, or even worse, their main meal. One key note to mention again, This Run WILL NOT be timed. Its not a competition, but more of a challenge to see how strong your will is to survive.

*We will have a watering hole set up about half way through the course, but don’t stay too long or your lives may be at stake..


**Want to be one of the infected? To chase down unsuspecting runners and make a meal out of them? To be a bloody mess?? If you answered yes to any of those questions then do we have a bit of fun for you.

We will have two options for you wanna be zombies.. Stumblers and Chasers.. “Stumbler” Zombies are the traditional slow undead that tend to not be in a hurry for their next meal. Usually they are the ones you see dragging their feet due to some horrific accident before or even after the infection took over. Our stumblers won’t have to chase the runners, but can use “corralling” techniques to grab flags. “Chaser” Zombies are of an entirely different breed. Chaser Zombies are a lot faster and more of a challenge to get away from. They like their meal to go and will be right on your heels. Chaser Zombies usually work alone, but have been known to blend in with their slower “Stumbler” zombies. By choosing to be a Chaser zombie, you best be ready to run!

Our Zombies will need to arrive at 8am on race day in order to receive make-up (wounds, blood, maggots, etc.) This will be an all day event, give or take a headshot (or needed bathroom break). Your clothing should look absolutely horrendous. Please don’t wear your sunday best, unless you don’t mind a few tears, blood, and mud to be all over it.. Costumes are welcome. Who wouldn’t love a zombified Batman or Wonder Woman. If you are more comfortable in everyday clothes, then so be it. Go crazy with what you are going to wear, just remember the clothes will more than likely be ruined and you gotta look dead! Make sure your footwear is adequate, can’t run/stumble far in steel toe boots or 4” heels.

* Zombies are not second class citizens. Aside from being transformed into the undead, you will also be getting a zombie run t-shirt and we will have bottles of water available for you. We can’t tame your hunger for brains, but at least we can quench your thirst, since being a zombie must come with a major case of cottonmouth.


Why not join the party? We will have a couple of spectator areas along the course where you will have a great view of the action. Bring a lawn chair, cheer on your favorite runner or zombie, and enjoy the show.

Runners Pricing:

*Solo Runners (age 12 and up):

*Team Runners (group of 4):

*Family Runners : (must use easier course. this is for families with children between ages 6-11 yrs. 4 people. Adults will receive t-shirt, children will receive small trophy or medal at the end of the race) additional children– per child.


Zombie Pricing:

Chaser/Stumbler: until sold out. (100 spots available)

Zombie spots will sell out early.


Spectators (at the gate):

for spectators (age 13 and older). Children 12 and under are free, but must be accompanied by adult.

at Phil Moore Park
Phil Moore Park, 7101 Scottsville Road
Alvaton, United States

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