Over 30,000 people tell Enda to keep his pro-life promise at the Vigil for Life : Youth Defence

On the 19th of January, 2013, the biggest ever Irish pro-life rally took place in Merrion Square, Dublin – over 30000 people tell Enda Kenny and Fine Gael to keep his pro-life promise. The…
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17 Responses to Over 30,000 people tell Enda to keep his pro-life promise at the Vigil for Life : Youth Defence

  1. Stephen Barrett says:

    why isn’t there 30k of yis protesting to the thousands being killed in gaza? 

  2. laura garcia says:

    God is so good thanks God there’s still people who respect life

  3. Neil Machia says:

    And of course, you won’t see them in Tuam ;-)

  4. Patrick Lauser says:

    Over 30,000 people tell Enda to keep his Pro-Life promise. #Prolife #Ireland 

  5. Dante Farbrano says:

    Given modern medical health care, it is nearly impossible for a woman to die at birth. North America sees less than 400 deaths of that purpose a year. And most of the ones that do soccer are because of a DNR. Your argument is invalid.

  6. grhyservondub says:

    Abortions tickle.

  7. Kevin McMahon says:

    You’re missing the point. Perhaps you should re-read my earlier reply. Anyway you being pro-life you see it as influenced me being pro-choice I see it as poisoned or manipulated just to get a figure like 30,000. It’s guaranteed a significant no. of people there have heard one side of the argument. They’re simply there to make numbers. It’s there decision(kids). Surely people have the decency to tell them both sides of the story.

  8. Harry Callaghan says:

    Actually 30,000 is a little bit more than the 200 Pro Aborts who turned up across the street… are you saying that we should listen to those (200 out of a population of 4.8 million)?

  9. Thought Action Eire says:

    Kill the future generation. Pure lunacy and never moral or right to do so.

  10. americanman81 says:

    Chose life! Don’t let abortion infect Ireland. Don’t allow blood on the hands of Ireland! Enda keep your pro life promise!

  11. Risteard de Roiste says:

    We ended capital punishment some years ago and this related to people who committed murder. Now our government want to sentence to death innocent babies.

  12. pelsis10 says:

    The point is not about whether one believes that abortion when a woman wants it is morally just or whether it’s immoral. The point is that none of us can discern objectively, scientifically, philosophically, ethically, or religiously when life begins. There can never be any form of consensus. We must, therefore, accord to women the autonomy, in this great sphere of uncertainty, as to what they may do.

  13. Peter Hayes says:

    So why doesn’t age begin at conception? If it is young and human, why aren’t we all 40 weeks older? Why would Ireland condemn the mother to death and deny a possibly life saving abortion? Don’t believe me? Google Sheila Hodgers. Died from cancer because she was denied medication and an abortion which would have saved her life. It’s fine to say don’t kill babies, how about don’t kill the living? That is all X legislation will do. Ensure life continues, be it mother, or foetus or both.

  14. aa516365 says:

    The reason there even is any abortion clinics in Ireland is because a woman died because of her pregnancy and she was denied one. That takes to lives. So much for being pro-life

  15. Mediamessengers says:

    Amazing work! God bless you guys.

  16. peepsbates says:

    So if a woman dies at birth due to lack of an abortion then you’ve just spilled two peoples blood.

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