Zoomers Exhaust w/ X-pipe

Dodge Challenger R/T 5.7L
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. brett248vista says:

    I guess this proves how subjective sound is.. I had a Cosra GTR catback on my Vette and would never buy another one, just because of the sound.. The exhaust system was well made, but way too raspy and high pitched. That’s why I went with Zoomers on my 392 :)

  2. johnnyjayz218 says:

    I ended up getting this kit for my RT and was disapointed to see that that it was not a true X-pipe. The rear pipes didn’t fit right, wouldn’t clear the spare tire well. The sounds wasn’t what I thought either. I scraped the entire exhaust and got a Flowmaster cat back with a REAL X-pipe and super 10′s. Way better sound and half the price of Zoomers. Expensive lesson for me but live and learn.

  3. Nismokid1211 says:

    I want one for my SRT so bad there just little pricey but you get what you pay for.

  4. johnnyjayz218 says:

    I don’t get it. How many kits are made for the RT? The one I have has an X-pipe but it’s welded in the middle so the exhaust doesn’t crossover. Is there another kit with a true X-pipe?

  5. bennywild24 says:

    Has anyone installed these pipes and found out how much horsepower they actually did gain. I have a Challenger R/T and would like to install them but would like to know how much you gain

  6. bennywild24 says:

    i noyed there was a question about horsepower gain with no answer. Has anyone put these pipes on and found out how much they did gain in power

  7. aguitas405 says:

    what is the zoomers exhaust? how much will it cost to fix a Challenger whit zoomers exhaust? Thanks

  8. EvolveWithUs says:

    yeah, and NASCAR is cool too. morons… what a frikin’ waste

  9. phantomTomcat1985 says:

    Yeah it is.  The wheels are R/T standard, it also lacks the SRT striping and badges.

  10. TheLonewolf313 says:

    i’ve had my zoomer cat back for a year now and i tell you what, everyone always ask me what exhaust i have. since i live in michigan its not marketed out here and there company is in irvine, ca. i just think its the best exhaust system out. even without the header and cams and chip, this exhaust kicks ass

  11. Ill06Taco says:

    I wish they offered that color on the SRT…

  12. zoomersexhaust says:

    Yes will ship them out direct when ready…

  13. moulieman93 says:

    thats not an r/t

  14. basil0o says:

    i orderd zoomers exhaust and am curious about the new zoomers tips when are we gone be able to get them? and am getting my exhaust after 7 days through Fed-ex .. once i receive the exhaust i’ll install it on my ride but are we gone pay for the new tips extra money or you guys gone ship it to us dirctly once their ready!?

  15. Dearborn1001 says:

    In my opinion CORSA has got this sound beat by a long shot. I have read some comments about Drone w/the CORSA Challenger system, I think I might have the answer. My Buddy had his CORSA system installed poorly by his chosen shop. The muffler was actually touching the frame causing a vibration throughout the vehicle sounding like “Drone”. Once we diagnosed the problem and fixed it ourselves, the “Drone” disappeared instantly. CORSA has the sound!!! I will be getting one for my R/T!!

  16. BpMetalMilitia says:

    My buddy who has a Charger R/T hated-it. He went Magnaflow to be like everyone else. My SoCal Challenger Club buddy decided against Corsa for that very reason, “Drone”. Its Zoomers or nothing. =D

  17. REDRUMFAN says:

    Drone??? Corsa has no drone whatsoever. That’s what they pride themselves on, no drone from any rpm range.

  18. nismo0182 says:

    by far the best exhaust test on the net, of any car, exhaust is awesome too. nice vid work guys!

  19. BpMetalMilitia says:

    My buddy tried Corsa in his Charger R/T and the drone was horrorable. It sounded bad ass, but the drone kills the driving experience. Another fellow Challenger R/T owner read that the Corsa set-up had a annoying drone at high RPM’s. No thank you.

  20. BpMetalMilitia says:

    Will be ordering as they become available. Sweet…Thanks.

  21. OhBOY14 says:

    corsa is the best in my opinion for this car..Corsa really sets the car apart from the rest.

  22. zoomersexhaust says:

    They will be available soon, we are waiting for final samples for approval. 6-8 weeks

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