Zoom Cast – Updated Photos of All 32 Zoomers!

NEW VIDEO 2011: www.youtube.com SUBSCRIBE if you wanna be sure to get updates about any more pictures I will be posting as well as FACEBOOK information!! Hey Zoomers So right off the bat I know some of the picture qualities suck. Let me explain that this video was about a months worth of research. Some of the Zoomers were super easy to find, like Buzz and Cara. Some however, it took me forever to even find a facebook account for them, like Francis and Mike, and some, once I got their account, was very very hard for me to find friends or groups on their lists with pictures of them, like Noreen and Caroline. Out of all 32 Zoomers, 25 had a facebook account I could find and only one added me as a friend on their facebook. I think I found about 3 Zoomers on myspace that didn’t have a facebook account, but none of them added me either and their accounts were private. What you are watching in this 10 minute video was a LOT of hard work and sneaking around to provide all us Zoom fans with an update on how these kids grew up. Pretty much all of these cast members are hidden because they do not want to be found. They don’t want a fan following. Out of the 32 Zoomers, there were 4 I simply could not track down. There are pictures on the internet of what Ray supposedly looks like, but I did not post ANY pictures here that I did not track down myself, unless it was extremely obvious it was them, like Kyle in his baseball photo. Every single picture is the actual person they represent

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21 Responses to Zoom Cast – Updated Photos of All 32 Zoomers!

  1. MsSpursfan14 says:

    Aw Kenny looks so good! ;)

  2. Darksunshinerain87 says:

    OMG, I know, that’s what I thought as soon as I saw him!

  3. Darksunshinerain87 says:

    He did? I thought out of all of them, only Jared had died.

  4. kidkanYeBLAH says:

    Lowkey, Jared’s Death Was A Shocker .. :/ & I Did See Caroline’s Channel & Ray’s Channel… (Probably The Highlight Of My Day)

  5. caragilchrist says:

    Jared’s dead, my heart just broke a little bit.

  6. MissVictoriaMB says:

    Daaaaaang Zoe….

  7. gymnasticsfan14 says:

    I am aware. I never said it was “my country” but I can still post my opinion if I want. I don’t see why your even getting involved considering my comment was directed towards the person who made this video?

  8. Train2Failure says:

    The internet belongs to everyone, not just YOUR country.

  9. yeahWegonnaparty says:

    am i the only one who thinks that mike looks like clark kent O.o

  10. FireStormBaller says:

    Fact: She probably… Yep, I don’t see a problem with that…

  11. gymnasticsfan14 says:

    Well I don’t know about you…but I live in a free country and I can post my opinion or anything else that I want. Some people may not care what I have to say, and that’s fine. But that works both ways. I was simply just saying something to the creator of this video.

  12. Train2Failure says:

    This is the internet, your opinion does not matter.

  13. KinggRaw says:

    I had a crush on Caroline when I was little … I wanted to marry her aha

  14. FireStormBaller says:

    Zoe wasn’t the ugliest one. Nice try but thumbs down.

  15. gymnasticsfan14 says:

    If only I was actually stupid enough to believe you. Can I just say my opinion on something without having to deal with a troll please?

  16. Train2Failure says:

    I sense rustled jimmies, but fine if you want to do something about it go to lemon party dot org to get this video taken down.

  17. gymnasticsfan14 says:

    No, I’m actually 16 and have been on the internet for years. I know people do shit like this all the time…but that doesn’t make it ok. The creator of this video see’s nothing wrong with stalking these people and taking personal photo’s and information. It’s just ridiculous!

  18. Train2Failure says:

    You must be new to the internets. Welcome and enjoy your stay.

  19. gymnasticsfan14 says:

    You know you could technically get in trouble for this? Those are their personal photos that you took without permission. I know you worked really hard basically stalking them to get this info and it is cool to see. But in the same breath, its rude of you to post personal photos of them on the internet. Especially if their stuff is blocked. You know they want privacy, why don’t you just respect that?

  20. XoKerriElisabeth13 says:

    I knew quite a few of them growing up, always had a HUGE crush on Kenny… he came to my house and hung out with me when I was 4-5. Eric’s my neighbor and Caroline was friends with my family. Puberty really hit them all haha.

  21. MzShaker08 says:

    also… garrett is hot!!

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