500 Dead Sea Lions California…

500 Dead Sea Lions California...

Theologian Paul Begley of Indiana revealed the prophecy of Zephaniah http://www.paulbegleyprophecy.com also http://beforeitsnews.com.
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13 Responses to 500 Dead Sea Lions California…

  1. MuchTooLearnUSH says:

    1) Truly repent and stay repentant 2) Read, really READ the WORD (every day) of the Alpha and the Omega 3) Pray for an infusion of holy spirit (constantly) to reveal the true GOD unto your heart…pray, and pray even more…even unto the …END.

  2. TheAngelout says:

    I sadly cant say that I do, but I will do some research for you gladly, please subscribe to me so I can get ahold of you. I would want to find somebody that teaches you the love of God, one really good teacher is REVmichelle, she is absolutely wonderful. Also, read the bible as much as you can every day. God can speak directly to you, you are His child, always focus on HIM not the sadness around you.God Bless

  3. klo925 says:

    Do you have any suggestions for people to watch on youtube? I have a hard time making it to my church every week.

  4. klo925 says:

    I hope so!!

  5. TheAngelout says:

    these people have no interest in giving you hope, they want the doom and gloom. you will never get ahold of his goodness listening to this man.

  6. Osvaldo Rivera says:

    Men have not REPENTED of sin they keep doing sin n GOD is steal extending his love for us all we have do is call his son name JESUS to REPENT n ask for FORGIVENESS OF all our SIN

  7. Osvaldo Rivera says:

    This is how much GOD loved u that he gave his only son JESUS Christ to die for u and me for all the sin of the world.

  8. SomebodysWatchnYou says:

    Please keep praying sister, read your bible. God will reveal himself to you.

  9. klo925 says:

    i just dont understand. i want to believe there is a God. but with all of these tragedys, all of this sorrow and heartbreak, all of these innocent kind hearted people living a life of pain and sadness….i have a hard time fully believing he is out there :-( if he is, why won’t he stop this? save the innocent? when is enough enough?! i just dont know :( i am praying for answers and stronger faith and understanding. i pray that god hears my prayers. i am far from perfect but hope he listens.

  10. Angelina-Rose Zappettini says:

    Hi,thx great post! Would you mind sharing more details ? Thank you

  11. Angelina-Rose Zappettini says:

    so sad :(

  12. Angelina-Rose Zappettini says:

    this is so sad :'( I love Sea Lions,I too am in Cali. Amen Pastor!

  13. Anna M says:

    I went to a Christian school, so we did this everyday. But my husband went to a public school and he remembers the day at school, when his teacher announced he could no longer pray out loud in class. His teacher was very upset about it.

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