Cast Covers Expert Gives Summertime Broken Bone Advice

SAN JOSE, CA (PRWEB) June 13, 2013

Breaking a bone during summer vacation can be particularly devastating for a child and a task for parents trying to keep their children entertained. CastCoverZ! founder and CEO, Annette Giacomazzi, knows this all too well. Giacomazzi’s daughter had broken six bones by the time she was ten years oldthat sparked the vision to establish CastCoverZ! in the first place. Now a leading developer and retailer of cast covers and orthopedic products, and as a mom, Giacomazzi knows a thing or two about helping her children cope with broken bones at inopportune times. Annette has plenty of helpful advice for parents searching for ways to keep their children break-free and, if in a cast, still active for the summer.

“It is never easy as a parent to see your child go through the pain and disappointment that can come with a broken bone during summer break. All of their friends are having fun in the sun,” said Giacomazzi. “Having been through that experience myself, I’ve come to learn that there are preventive measures you can take to help keep your children’s bones safe and intact, as they enjoy all the wonderful activities summer has to offer.”

Her first summertime tip to help kids stay break-free is simple: remind your children to pay attention and play safe. “Summer freedoms tend to relax a childs sense of safety,” said Giacomazzi. “Falling and tripping are where a big percentage of breaks happen. Almost 42% of all pediatric fractures are to the forearm and hand, when arms are extended to prevent a fall. Giacomazzi advises to keep children from climbing high, especially higher than they are tall. The higher the climb means the longer the fall. The risk increases for a fracture when they are at a height greater than they are tall. So, if your child is 4′ tall, don’t go climb over 4 feet. Its a challenge for moms to rein their kids in during summer activities, but it helps to remind them.” Another tip for preventing breaks is to wear the appropriate safety equipment. Helmets and other safety equipment, such as shin guards, were developed with safety in mind. Last but not least, Giacomazzi advises that children stay hydrated. Hydrated children are more alert, especially during the hot days of summer. Water has key restorative, replenishing, and healing qualities that are essential for keeping the body and mind in tip-top shape. Hand your child a water bottle whenever they go out to play.

Despite best intentions, breaks still happen. But, that does not mean your child is destined to be a couch potato. To keep your children active, even with a cast, the best solutions are utilizing products to help cover and protect a cast. Giacomazzi shared that there are some great products on the market that can help diminish the boredom and discomfort associated with a bone break during the summer season. These orthopedic products allow children the opportunity to stay active with their friends for most of summers best activities, including swimming. “Despite your best efforts, children break bones. If your child suffers from a summertime fracture and ends up in a cast, splint, sling, boot or brace, we have gear that can keep them active,” said Giacomazzi.

Summer vacation includes many activities centered on the beach and other water fun. When dealing with a cast in the summer, the best way to ensure an active lifestyle is the correct type of water protection. CastCoverZ! carries DryPro, the industry standard for waterproof cast protectors. DryPro products give anyone wearing a cast the freedom to get in the pool or go the beach or water-park.

Anyone who has broken a bone can tell you casts can become uncomfortable and itchy with the heat of summer. Giacomazzi suggests the CastCooler

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