SOLID GOLD with DJs Ko Flow and DJ Ollie’des

SOLID GOLD with DJs Ko Flow and DJ Ollie’des
Event on 2014-11-28 22:00:00
Strictly no guestlist as the cover charge is at only per entry.

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SOLID GOLD, is now a staple night with Djs Ko Flow and Ollie Des at Blujaz, every last Friday of the month.

It's about time, we thought. We should come together and promote Hip Hop music again. We wanted a night that all of you guys who came, would remember as a golden memory, everytime we put that needle on the record.

The combined experience of this pair, would no doubt guarantee a solid night as we proved over and over again, in the numerous venue that we had play in. So it's only right that, we have a night of our own where everybody who love us, could come together and rock to what we do best!

Musical experience: Hiphop, Funk, Dancehall, Trap, Disco, Reggae and anything that influence HipHop.


For those who don't know us:


For over 10 years, OLLIE`DES has moved thousands of crowds with his advanced turntable skills and tasteful record selections, scratching, beat juggling and mixing familiar old school HIPHOP with the new flavors of HIPHOP, R&B, FUNK, DISCO, DANCEHALL, REGGAE, BREAKS, MASH-UPS and currently he’s trying to emulate DUBSTEP sounds into his sets, giving fresh standards every night he performs. After capturing the title, ‘BOUNCE’, a local DJ mixing competition, OLLIE`DES went on winning the champion title of NORTH-EAST CDC DJ MIXING competition. He was too, a finalist for DMC SINGAPORE FINALS on 2002 & 2005. He traveled across SEA such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam to share his music for the masses & knowledge and spins in the loftiest clubs in the region. OLLIE`DES has made exclusive opening acts at some stand out concerts for local HIPHOP groups such as URBAN EXCHANGE, TRIPLE NOIZE, SLEEQ, KOMRAD renowned SG rapper, SHEIKH HAIQEL, Malaysia’s artistes like TOO PHAT, RUFFEDGE and THE TARIK CREW. Recently, he opened up for LIL JON, an international rapper that performed in Singapore. Not to forget all the numerous HIPHOP festivals, BBOY events that he performed and judged. He created the only official DJ crew in Singapore, SUPAFELLAZ! which represents four other local DJs and one international DJ and one hype-emcee. The crew still continuing to grow. He and the rest of the DJs recruited, will uphold the crew’s standards and bring their music into another level of DJ-ing. Currently, he’s holding a residency and a HEAD OF DJ at one of the oldest and premier clubbing spot, dbl O. So needless to say, OLLIE`DES has grown to be one of the most influential and inspirational DJ in his tier and a household name in HIPHOP throughout the region. From this point on, OLLIE`DES is a bling in the HIPHOP scene not only in Singapore, but once again, throughout the SEA which he intend to support and bring up the DJ scene.


Voted as the “Best Turntablist 2010 and also in 2011”, "BEST DJ 2008" by Juice magazine, Singapore’s DMC champion 2003 (with many more awards and accolades to his name), Koflow has evolved to become more than just a ‘DJ’ but a true artist in his craft. He continues to refine his strokes that turn every performance into a true sonic experience. Armed with not only creativity and skills, he also injects knowledge and musicality into his 'live’ sets. In the name of music, Koflow has collaborated with jazz musicians, violinists, , gamelan, electronic acts, rock bands and even a 70-strong Samba bateria (percussion group)!

Breaking the confines of turntablism that has taken him far beyond our shores, He has wowed audience and shared the stage with international artistes that include Nas, Mariah Carey, Missy Elliot, The Black Eyed Peas, Akon and Kanye West. In recent years, Koflow has also seen many flourished collaborations, such as Beatboxer Dharni, and also rapper Kevin Lester, whom he backed Kevin as a tour dj, at SXSW in Texas, CMW in Toronto, A3C in Atlanta and CMJ in new york.

Thru out the career, he also brought his music revolution to numerous festivals, such as MTV Pattaya music festival, Battle of the year, Radikal Forze Anniversary, Redbull BCone, F1 Racing post parties, Asian biggest party Siloso Beach Party, Opening and Closing Ceremony for the Youth Olympic Games, The Asian Hip Hop Festival, Adidas Fashion shows, FulongTaiwan music festival with Chou Pi Jiang. As well as collaborations like, British Council Musicity ( where he produce a track for School of the Arts ), Music Tracks for Nike Human Race, and remixes for Nokia.

In 2010, it had also see Koflow produced a self entitled album. The Turntable Instrumentalist, which was launched inevitably to a sold-out concert at the prestigious Esplanade Singapore, marking another milestone in his musical career. The album and concert, generated rave reviews over the Singapore media and raised attention for the modern dj community in Singapore.

Constantly discovering and experimenting, the only constant with Koflow is his continuous evolution and desire to push the boundaries of music.

at Blu Jaz Cafe
Bali Lane
Singapore, Singapore

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