Act Of Valor (2012) Official Trailer – HD Movie – Navy SEALS

Act Of Valor (2012) Official Trailer - HD Movie - Navy SEALS

When the rescue of a kidnapped CIA operative leads to the discovery of a deadly terrorist plot against the US, a team of SEALs is dispatched on a worldwide manhunt. As the valiant men of Bandito Platoon race to stop a coordinated attack that could kill and wound thousands of American civilians, they must balance their commitment to country, team and their families back home. ‘Act of Valor’ uses active duty US Navy Seals as actors. The characters they play are fictional, but the weapons and tactics used are real. ‘Act of Valor’ hits theaters February 17, 2012 Trailer courtesy of Yahoo! Movies.

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22 Responses to Act Of Valor (2012) Official Trailer – HD Movie – Navy SEALS

  1. TheGT6000 says:

    I signed in just so I could dislike your comments.

  2. Gunsnoscope12 says:

    This is my favorite movie

  3. daniel84203 says:

    your shit

  4. MrPea1002 says:

    Download at

  5. Emilia Gayler says:


  6. orxanbehremli says:

    nukes haha)))) 

  7. Iceman5164 says:

    No… not really… do SCUDs count? No? Guess not… ICBMs? No? Damn… North Korean shipments to Libya that would eventually be sold to Iraq in exchange for a favor? No… Damn… but what do I know? I’m just some guy who actually researches instead of submitting to conformity and following the mainstream idea that “Iraq was over Oil,” right?

  8. Iceman5164 says:

    (Continued) Although I will acknowledge that I love your way of thinking… I hear something on the News, automatically assume correct… ignore the people who have actually talked to Veterans and know many Veterans… people with experience… you know, that kinda thing… maybe I should try it sometime. Then again, the Zionist/NWO Nut-Jobs *Cough* I mean *Cough* supporters don’t support that kinda thing… I guess it’s allowed…

  9. Iceman5164 says:

    Right… but your ignoring JUST a few things… if what you said was directed toward Iraq, that would be mostly true, only individual insurgents on a personal motive are left in Iraq. Yet what you fail to realize that the the Radicals in the Middle-East, and the Middle-East general, take Religion wayyy too seriously. It’s not the presence of foreign troops as much as it is the fact that they’re Christian… they could care less if they were Saudi Arabian troops.

  10. Michael Caldwell says:

    the truth? ive been to thrid world nations and seen when the rich people dont HAVE to pay for the lower class, unlike inthe United States. The truth is much of life is This for that. Do something for me and ill do something for you. The united States has the best system. Least in the UNited States you ahve the CHANCE to beocme a success. Sound you didn’t and are a little butt hurt about it. Its the best in the world. Get out of your moms house and go see it. I pity you.

  11. Michael Caldwell says:

    Its fine to dis agree with some of the decisons that ou core makes. However, after seeing fisr hadn in different countries how they run and take care fo their ppl and country I know that it is the best in the world. BE thankful for what you have rather then be upset for what you want.

  12. reddish8025 says:

    Part3: I wish you find out the truth by yourself… I can’t tell you the truth cuz you’ll never believe me.. you have to figure it out by yourself…you have to search.. you have to ask yourself why there are a lot of poor people who live beside so much rich bankers & gamblers in “the best country in the world” !! There’s no justice. Just like Metallica says “SAD BUT TRUE” I really wish you the best :) God bless you.

  13. reddish8025 says:

    Part2: Unfortunately our army fights for personal interests. Don’t tell me that we found the nukes in Iraq !! Because everyone will start laughing at you.. Our army fights for already planned wars.. I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy.. It’s beyond politics..when the politicians and BILLIONAIRES get greedy they’ll never care about jobless & homeless people If someone criticizes the army, that doesn’t mean that we hate our country…cuz we need to IMPROVE it.. Your comments reminded me of myself…

  14. reddish8025 says:

    Part1: I was..well shall I say I was a..WORSHIPER ! I was so obsessed with the army… I had so many “Fanatic” disapproval against anyone who just criticizes the army even though the army really did something wrong… But when I found out the truth.. I WAS SHOCKED!! Of course it’s an honor to defend the country, the family.. IT’S OUR HOMELAND.. WE MUST DEFEND IT BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY..I’ve nothing to say against our army.. It’s just how our core system runs the country, the government, & army

  15. boss28116 says:

    the movie is shit

  16. Spec0pleader says:

    Never said there wasn’t, it’s the presence of foreign troops thats pissing those terrorists off, and the fact that you guys are really there is to submit them to the Zionist NWO…

  17. Michael Caldwell says:

    We achieved what we could. We built up and protected the Afghan people and gave them things the Taliban didnt give. They loved us. Some did die, but they didnt die for nothing. If you really think that there is NO terrorist activity here then your foolish.

  18. hardstylesmma says:

    @danutzzzBz the Song is snowpatrol-the Lightning strikes

  19. Spec0pleader says:

    And what did you achieve there? And your friends, were their deaths in vain for the sake of the the good ol’ US of A?

  20. soundtrip0213 says:

    most respect to all of the warriors fighting out there..

  21. gomergilligan says:

    But at least no stink pakis – man - do those chimps take baths or brush their teeth. I can ALWAYS tell there’s a paki in the elevator – smells like indian shit.

  22. Devon6961 says:

    Wait, it says the storie is fictional, but it’s based on true missions. so is it a true story or not??

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