Speedo Pace Club Poolside Chats — Michael Phelps & Ryan Lochte

Get to know some of swimming’s best and brightest athletes in the Speedo Pace Club’s Poolside Chat series. The Speedo Pace Club (paceclub.speedousa.com is an online destination for swimmers of all shapes and fitness levels. Use it to track your progress and reach your goals with specially designed training modules, start an online swim team to get encouragement from friends, and receive exclusive news and tips from the world’s top athletes and coaches. Take your swimming to next level and Dive In with the Speedo Pace Club.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to Speedo Pace Club Poolside Chats — Michael Phelps & Ryan Lochte


    ryan lochte is unbelievely hot

  2. mrmikespence1964 says:


  3. grim1520 says:

    I fell a sleep 1:23

  4. grim1520 says:

    when all swimmers get out of the pool when or brains are mush

  5. Syn Sanity says:

    Ryan is thinking “..uhm, bro.. YOU kind of changed the sport. I am one of the few keeping up since you keep beating Cavic over and over again.”

  6. Alex Ferrere says:

    Count how many times Ryan says like…

  7. Abby Parsons says:

    It looks like they are forced to have this convo

  8. Lovebug123736 says:

    would u have ryan lochte babies? HELL JEAH

  9. Natalie Leotta says:

    I LOVE them so much but the both sound so stupid lol

  10. amba277 says:

    What the hell is this?? I can’t understand anything. I feel like I am getting slower.

  11. yang li says:

    fuck each other, why are you talking shit stupid speedo big guys??? LOL

  12. lilbusrider says:

    omg mike phelps looks so gross and older than ryan. Ryan is super cute

  13. crislissa says:

    they make me feel like getting back into swimming

  14. awesomeirlable says:

    …… wut?

  15. awesomeirlable says:

    This…is very painful to watch I feel my brain cells slowly dying upon upon having to witness the two of them struggle through even a coherent conversation Good thing they’re athletes and they do their sport well…their lack of grace behind the mic is forgivable….. All is well…

  16. Rachael Simpson says:


  17. Minkay88 says:


  18. gameaddict1010 says:


  19. Young Person says:

    lochte datin k.michelle

  20. yesvember11 says:

    Ryan reminds me of a frat boy.

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