A Free Proxy Site Can Keep You Safe

This will discuss why you need a proxy site and what they can do for you. A high priority is in shielding yourself from unwanted information seekers.

A proxy is something that keeps you safe when people are trying to track what you do on the internet. In nearly all cases, you won’t even know that they are looking at your information. A proxy reroutes requests for information. It filters the request to see if it can give an approval but approvals will not be given in all cases. If it can’t validate the information, then it won’t allow entry.

So, what is a free proxy? A free proxy is a proxy server that you may use for no cost, or free. Using a free proxy has its own ups and down. It can be a godsend to protect your privacy but just with anything else, it may not be 100% foolproof.

There are some possible minor inconveniences when using a proxy. If you choose a proxy that is much slower than your regular connection, some web activities may not work. That can be fixed by finding a proxy that actually has the speed and bandwidth you need. You may need to try a few to find one that works the best for you. Another thing is that if you go to buy something on the Internet, some secure sites can detect that you may be using a proxy and will request that you log back in with your proxy options turned off. That is a precaution they take for your own protection, and you can be glad they want to make certain it is really you before accepting your credit card number. Those are minor things compared to being able to web-surf without worrying about someone looking over your shoulder or stalking you at your real life location, wouldn’t you agree?

Each free proxy will come with its own advantages and disadvantages, the only way to find out if you are receiving a good free proxy server is to do a lot of researching. This kind of research can be done on all kinds of different proxy sites which you can Google online. Also, when visiting these free proxy servers, you should be aware that your risk of computer infection increases due to malware.

Malware, which is short for malicious software, is software that is specifically designed to corrupt computer operation. They also gather personal information and can gain unauthorized access to computer systems. Malware is a common term used to describe different types of software or coding that is designed to exploit computers and the data it contains.

That being said, most people would invest in buying a quality proxy server instead of using a free one. This is especially useful if you work with proxies often or permanently. Paying for a free proxy server can give you many advantages including high speed, reliability, updates, and an easy to use interface. You can find proxy sites online easily with a Google search. There are many different ones available so you should be able to find one that works for you.

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