Zoomers Exhaust/ Dodge Challenger SRT8

Dodge Challenger with Zoomers Exhaust

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21 Responses to Zoomers Exhaust/ Dodge Challenger SRT8

  1. MegaDice16 says:

    The new exhaust note is so deep its perfect on the challenger. Has that deep american muscle car sound to it.

  2. 03tibbygt6sp says:

    Honestly don’t ever remember commenting that… LOL

  3. brett248vista says:

    Well we can’t all have the wicked 120 horsepowerZ like your fliiperon! :)

  4. erikgee123 says:

    There is an in-depth review of the Challenger SRT8 392 here: definitiveautoreview . com/comparisons/dodge-challenger-srt8-392-vs-chevrolet-camaro-2ss/

  5. 03tibbygt6sp says:

    Fake And Gay

  6. przfinest2009 says:

    do you hear that lion purrrrrrrr????

  7. TheLonewolf313 says:

    their exhaust kicks ass! i’ve had mine for four years on my charger. its just top notch, by far the best mod i’ve done on my charger

  8. agp423 says:

    This is what all V8 muscle cars should sound like.

  9. streetglidetexas says:

    How’s the cabin sound? Is it still fairly simple to hear the radio or others talking? Does it drone you out after a while? That sound is amazing.

  10. hiqhcapx3 says:

    hell yeah !!

  11. icamkara says:


  12. joshua6200 says:

    Might need to look up the definition of “light and ease”. haha..

  13. SeeProfileForDetails says:

    ain’ts thay is why

  14. 1424241 says:

    Any one who has ever done a fair amount of selling on eBay might say this sounds like a scam.

  15. ra3ystandr says:

    ماتفور دله

  16. slyrez says:

    could these mufflers be done on a mustang v6?

  17. cadillacowboy1 says:

    1:27 that beast is gone!!

  18. shane3830 says:

    blacknite, actually it was a r/t 350.

  19. blaknite1 says:

    Only if it was a v6

  20. zoomersexhaust says:

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  21. zoomersexhaust says:

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