Mao Zedong's body

Mao Zedong's body
FIELDS across China are often dotted with them: conical mounds of earth a couple of metres wide at the base, seemingly designed to frustrate efforts to plough a straight furrow. But a heavy-handed government campaign in the central province of Henan to …
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Star Trail – Kanzu Lands Mao in Hot Seat
Although he is the man said to have influenced Mbidde's decision to choose Bukomansimbi Woman MP Susan Namaganda for a wife, some members of Mbidde's entourage camped at Golf Lane Hotel in Masaka and told Mao to find a kanzu or abandon the …

The Hungry Years
ABSTRACT: BOOK review of two books on Mao Zedong and the Great Famine. The Great Famine of 1958-62 is thought to have taken more than thirty million lives, and perhaps as many as forty-five million. Two new books offer fresh evidence to describe the …
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