Pro-Life / Anti-abortion : All Ireland Rally for Life : DUBLIN : 6 July 2013 : BE THERE!

Ireland is on the brink of legalising abortion. Show your support for mothers and babies at the 7th All Ireland Rally for Life on Saturday, 6th July 2013 @ 2…

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16 Responses to Pro-Life / Anti-abortion : All Ireland Rally for Life : DUBLIN : 6 July 2013 : BE THERE!

  1. xlinksxaussenx says:

    “They are ignoring the evidence that shows that abortion is bad medicine […] and kills children.” Because that’s totally unwanted, if you get an abortion, right?

  2. Reinhard Ailill Farkas says:

    Thanks for this impressive video! Human life is of course sacred.

  3. Denis Catholicus Hungariae says:

    Marco, you´re next brainwashed atheist by Jewish propaganda, simply you´re bitching over holocaust, but you permit the new one? Stop chin-waggin like bonehead, you offend people over here.

  4. marco antonio godoy says:

    The antiabortion Pope Pio XII (Mr Pacelli) was a great friend and accomplice of Mussolini The antiabortion Jozef Tiso, president-priest of Eslovaquia ordered the “Death trains” to Auschwitz and Birkenau The antiabortion Mother Teresa of Calcutta was friend of genocides military regimes in South America

  5. marco antonio godoy says:

    The antaibortion people was accomplices of Hitler in genocides of millions and millions of peoples, the ultracatholic priest-president of Nazi Eslovaquia practice genocides over jewish and gypsy , the “mercifuls” Horty in Hungary and Franco in Spain practice genocides before and during the second world war The antiabortion people tortured and murderd many people during the military dictatorships in Asia, Africa and Latin America “We are killers defensors of the life since the holy conception”

  6. marco antonio godoy says:

    A great hug for you bridgid condra, blessings to you long life and many many happiness

  7. marco antonio godoy says:

    Thanks you , a hug for you The Republic of Ireland need respect the women rights , the women in Ireland could decide over their body, The antiabortion people in Irealnd are confused: The juridical crimes and the catholics “sins” are not the SAME

  8. bridgid condra says:

    I agree, it is a tragedy to be misrepresented. This is a clear representation of a blessed country full of beautiful people!!

  9. bridgid condra says:

    peace and blessings to you marco- embrace life, and the truth will set you free from ignorance. i am certain that many people are glad that you were born.

  10. bridgid condra says:

    the unborn woman? All women are valued, born and unborn.

  11. Da Haig says:

    this shit it gas….now spread yer legs love and let me have another go coz ye cant get pregnant twice…pro choice 4eva

  12. olianalover says:

    So do you activists value the life of an unborn over a woman?

  13. Padraig O' hEadaithle says:


  14. TheGoodNewsforall says:

    There will be powerful earthquakes in Russia and China soon and they will take place one after the other -Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 Please Kindly see thewarningsecondcoming dotcom

  15. marco antonio godoy says:

    Antiabortion people= intolerants fanaticist TALIBANS and MEDIEVALS peoples

  16. marco antonio godoy says:

    FREE ABORTION in Ireland¡ The shit people antiabortion are a hypocrites pedophiles of double moral

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