Newport Beach Waves Lifeguard jumps in to save swimmer

More footage of a Newport Beach lifeguard who jumps in from the pier during an intense swell of 12-15 feet waves.

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25 Responses to Newport Beach Waves Lifeguard jumps in to save swimmer

  1. tommyequals says:

    wow i wish i was there to body surf those in, those guys were out past the breaking point even, simple stuff, swimming 101

  2. Danielle Elizabeth says:


  3. GirlyFreek090 says:

    i know that lifeguard that jhelped him

  4. Brandon Gillette says:

    @WePrank4Fun sure pal

  5. HelloTherePepper says:

    Holy shit that’s a brave lifeguard to go out on waves like that! :3

  6. manitsmatt says:

    5-6 feet

  7. lukesilver5369 says:

    beautiful waves

  8. Danielle Elizabeth says:

    Newport beach lifeguards are amazing! Don’t go in the water on days like this if your not a string swimmer and familiar with the ocean

  9. MyMac2011 says:

    dont think he was drowing or the life gurd would run in.

  10. ihatekooks says:

    Ha 12-15 feet! You’re clearly not from anywhere around here. The waves in this footage were 5-7 feet. I was out that session.

  11. Taylor Baker says:

    people always judge waves by the face. 5-7foot backs. 10-14 foot faces. People don’t know how to measure waves. Glad you do :D haha

  12. christiansvideos says:

    fin, not frin lol

  13. WePrank4Fun says:

    The guy that needed help should’ve body surfed outta there I would made those waves ma bitches

  14. Spencer Buchanan says:

    Haven’t seen A this big for a while

  15. teckdecker3000 says:

    i was out at lower trestles down south. Scared for my life. I actually though i might die.

  16. clarkewi says:

    Tourists wander into the water between sets. Because it looks calm. And when a set comes they panic. Luckily there was a lifeguard there. Many remote and dangerous beaches in California have no lifeguards. My advice to tourists is “Stay alive…Stay out of the water.”

  17. Luke Johnston says:

    What is wrong with humanity, someone is drowsing so like 100 people watch and record it

  18. tsarrite says:

    High tide looks like.

  19. Brandon Faris says:

    Newport still guards Balboa

  20. pastyourhorizon says:

    just went fishing there a week ago. got about 19 mackeral(pacific and spanish) what a great place :D

  21. Oliver Galarga says:

    I really need to study right now

  22. Brandon Getter says:

    to save them, the fastest way to save them is to do a pier jump

  23. greenroomdude says:

    rip current in this case is a FIXED one…which means there is always a rip right next to this pier….or in another case it could be next to a jetty. anyways…be safe.

  24. manitsmatt says:

    @pointlesstimekillers not the point dumbass, thats some good size surf

  25. TBakes907 says:

    i was 15 and in cape cod and almost died on shit like that.

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