Seals Clubbed To Death For Their Fur

Each year more than 100000 wild baby seals are clubbed to death for their fur. Rebecca Aldworth, born into a sealing community, now confronts them in an eff…
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21 Responses to Seals Clubbed To Death For Their Fur

  1. NonMilitantAtheist says:

    So much hippie in the video I got cancer

  2. Violet von Tesla says:

    If a population of animal is way out of line culling is necessary, but doing it just to do it for fur or money, and with clubs is just sick. Inuits, like native American tribes, have a right to it but not on a huge commercial level unless the population is bonkers all the time. If its not regulated they will be hunted into extinction in no time.

  3. refluX1kreborn says:

    wow what a bunch of assholes.

  4. Young Neil says:

    You are doing this because they are “cute”. It is wrong for them to do that. But i have realized a lot of people (women) in general only love things that are cute. I know i sound sexist but ill make it up by saying this. “Men created evil.” 

  5. nicole f says:

    some people are so stupid. do we really neeeeeeed fur and seal meat and what not? why cant we just leave them alone to live in peace with each other? the people who make money off of this are giving themselves bad karma. they can find more fulfilling jobs. would anyone really be happy going to bed at night slaughtering hundreds of these poor baby animals? so sad :'(

  6. Violet von Tesla says:

    Culling populations is important, but damn get some snipers on it that clubbing is fucking barbarous.

  7. Half Epic says:

    This is the same species that killed Osama bin Laden. Why are we hurting them?

  8. Angryconsumernerd says:

    Fucking sick sons of bitches ..I can’t even tell you how much I would rather watch those men slowly tortured than watch those innocent animals killed

  9. Loli the Kitten♡ says:

    People who do this are completely sick. i love canada and all but really, what do you really need that is made out of a seals fur? a hat? is a life of a poor baby worth a hat? no.

  10. jifyum07 says:

    I hate people like this who do something good but are all up their own ass about it

  11. TheLonestar072 says:

    What’s so bad about this?

  12. samir hadad says:

    we need more people like you in the world. it breaks my heart as a Canadian to see this happening in my country and the government supports it. No living creature should be hunted down and killed for fur, money or any greedy personal needs. i am sure we are enough evolved to find different ways to make money and fur. if we made it to the moon we can do this!! those animals dont deserve to die because of us.

  13. Matthew Stewart says:

    Fucking sink mother fuckers, those of you that get joy from this need to be shot! 

  14. 125bamf says:

    If you knew how good baby seal tastes you wouldnt be saying anything bad about this.

  15. JoMiSa says:

    This woman is ridiculous, seals have an abundant population, it is perfectly legal and clubbing them is the most humane method of killing them.

  16. Sulu Marshall says:

    Bullets are expensive nowadays. This is the best method. Nice clubbing!

  17. bob theDrugBear says:

    seals have to be clubbled to be tenderlized

  18. Nathan Nickel says:

    The woman in this video was kind of a bitch 

  19. matt brown says:

    I could just be a terrible person, but seeing baby seals beaten to death is just hilarious

  20. Arpeojus Hardy says:

    To many seals anyways. People keep killing all the sharks so the seals are all over the place, who care. People need to eat and make money. Get over yourself.

  21. Faizan Syed says:

    They gotta do what they gotta do, I don’t really see anything wrong with this.

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