KENAN DOĞULU Feat. Ozan Doğulu

KENAN DOĞULU Feat. Ozan Doğulu
Event on 2014-01-31 19:30:00
Music is his life since the day he got in conservatory when he was 5. He took piano, guitar and flute training at conservatory. After New Hampshire Hesser College, Department of Communication, he continued his high education in Los Angeles Musicians Institute and Istanbul Bilgi University Department of Music. He can also play drums, percussion, saxophone and many other instruments.

He is the son of famous musician Yurdaer Doğulu. He usually works with his brother Ozan Doğulu, also a very talented musician, on the stage and in his recordings.

He has 16 records, 40 videos, countless music, video, style, internet and performance awards, 2007 Eurovision Fourth prize, 7 millions of record sale, an amazing stage performance admired by hundred thousands of fans.

As an indicator for his love and respect to the great leader Atatürk and for the purpose of reminding important values to young people, he rearranged 10th Year March and Youth March. These marches are played frequently in all national holidays and important days in many places.

He is active on social media, he is attentive to keep his website updated, to take place in new adventures like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and keep his fans updated about his work. He cares about his fans very much.

He’s been working with the same musicians for years. His band is one of the best orchestras in Turkey. Every musician is expert in his field and they are famous with their live performances.

With its lyrics carrying literal and philosophic elements, he has a different place at poet lovers’ hearts. With his modern sound following the world trends, specific composition and lyrics, he continues to touch our hearts…

Proudly sponsored by Microboss and Jetbus, this national tour is definitely an event not to be missed. For more information please feel free to contact us direct on 0477 124 535 or to secure your tickets now, purchase them online…BU GECE KAÇMAZ!

at Enmore Theatre
118-132 Enmore Road Newtown
Sydney, Australia

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