Sweden Expats Enjoy Outdoor Activities and Leisure

Expats in Sweden have an array of opportunities to live active lives and fulfilled ones. Sweden is difficult for expats who do not know the language.

Sweden is a beautiful Scandinavian country located in northern Europe between Norway and Finland. It has a coastline that borders the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, the Kattegat, and the Skagerrak. Inland. The country is equipped with rolling hills and large forests that house thousands of lakes.

In the aspect of climate, there are extraordinary differences between the northern and southern parts of Sweden. The south has a fairly temperate climate, with cold winters and cools ranging to warm summers. The north, however, has a sub-arctic climate. The east coast is kept colder by the winds brought in from the Baltic Sea. Summers in the south are usually around seventy degrees Fahrenheit, while the northern summers barely hit fifty-two degrees Fahrenheit. In the far north, the sun stays out for twenty-four hours a day, but there a day-long night during the winter. The north is also covered in snow for six months of the year, and the coast is usually frozen over.

All foreigners who move to Sweden are free to attend a Swedish-language course. This provides foreigners with information about Swedish society and culture. If you want to become employed in Sweden, learning the language will help you greatly. Many Swedes are able to speak fluent English, and a lot of business is done in English.

Swedish money is known as the Kronor. Money denominations come in twenties, fifties, hundreds, five-hundreds, and thousands. Coins come in fifty, one, five, and ten. One SEK is equal to thirteen cents in the United States. To live in Sweden costs much more than many other countries. Most foreigners will find that their native countries are a lot cheaper than that of Sweden. The estimated monthly living costs are around five to six thousand Kronor for a single resident, and eight to nine thousand for couples.

Alcohol is particularly expensive and has restrictions where it can only be purchased in the state-ran Systembolaget, which is the Swedish Alcohol Retail Monopoly. The unemployment rate in Sweden is very low, and finding work in Sweden is a fairly simple task, particularly if you can speak Swedish and have a special skill that is in demand. It is simple to find a job and a work permit if you are skilled in science, technical, or other specialist skills that are not easily found in Sweden.

Exercise is an important aspect to Swedes. A lot of Swedes engage in outdoor activities. Football, tennis, golfing, hiking and handball and canoeing are a lot of the favorite activities performed by Swedes. All citizens in Sweden are entitled to cross private, uncultivated land or to camp there for one night without the owner’s permission, by law. You are allowed to pick flowers and berries, and you may fish along the coast, just as long as you do not litter any of the land or cause the wildlife harm. Sweden also holds many different fun and exciting festivals. Sweden has many theaters, bars, restaurants and other related entertainment establishments.

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