Image by Randy Son Of Robert
My sister’s doggie, Zoomer, meets her match when coming to our house and encountering Yoshi.

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13 Responses to Zoomer

  1. marliestiffany says:

    What a cutie he is

  2. StormyinGA says:

    Oh, another terrier in the house!! Yeah!! I love wheatens. They are beautiful. I love all terriers, though. All dogs, really. :)

  3. Mary Butterfly says:

    What a great pet. She is a wonderful dog, always there for you. I love the necktie. She and Yoshi are great friends. It is such fun to watch them together.

  4. Juancho 507 says:

    cute! nice capture = D

  5. endofalltime says:

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  6. Canine Love / Irina says:

    really cute!

  7. outnbout says:

    too cute! love the bandana!

  8. Mimi Kat says:

    well, she is dressed for action, a beautiful dog

  9. katy_bug_lady says:

    What a lovely soft shot of Zoomer!

  10. BobTPhoto says:

    Does Yoshi not like zoomer and his cool bandana??? Boulder and Lily would love to meet both of them. Cute shot!!

  11. Randy Son Of Robert says:

    Bob – Yoshi has a lot of spunk and wants to chase or be chased all the time. Zoomer is getting a little old and doesn’t want to zoom as much anymore. — Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  12. Vanessa Pike-Russell says:

    awww! that is just so cute! *gushes* — Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  13. LazyPhotographer {Back in Action} says:

    She does look a little worried… — Seen on your photo stream. (?)

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