Seal Beach California Sunrise

Seal Beach California Sunrise

Image by Michael Kappel
Seal Beach California

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6 Responses to Seal Beach California Sunrise

  1. Pep Iglesias says:

    Beautiful colors

  2. lbccphotomom says:

    I really like this shot. I am not down there to much at sunrise since I live in College Park on the out skirts of town. I just might have to make a better effort.

  3. Michael Kappel says:

    Thanks! I was there on business and on the last day I went out to get some shots as the sun rose.

  4. Ross Fletcher says:

    love this one!

  5. Damian Gadal says:


  6. everyblog says:

    my dog and I use to roam this beach..just about this time of the nice

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