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15 Responses to FALMOUTH BEACHES – Call Me Maybe

  1. Woods HoleInn says:

    This is so great! Love it.

  2. carlyonbay45 says:

    couple of them …….really fit

  3. Alexandra Taylor says:

    mmm lifeguard with no shirt at :30

  4. Ozzymandian says:

    This is exactly how Falmouth is all the time! Truthfact.

  5. Neal Harris says:

    You guys have NO IDEA how happy this video makes me!!!!

  6. ArniepII says:

    My favorite beaches when on vacation! The nicest and best looking lifeguards as well. Great job by everyone.

  7. MrAndyBowman says:

    TOB Guards all the way

  8. Neal Harris says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  9. debcapecod says:


  10. Piastockholm says:

    Fun. Nice job/ 

  11. Brendan Amaru says:

    best part of this….jason pollock

  12. BigBen5858 says:

    Glad to see that the Falmouth Taxpayer’s dollars are being well spent on their employees making a video on the town’s dime……They should all be docked a day’s pay for this venture!! Another fine example of town’s employees taking advantage of their jobs!

  13. 1701alpha says:

    Great Job Guys!

  14. cathleen libby says:


  15. Alan Dennis says:

    Nice Job!!!!!

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