Toxic Sadie Swimwear 2013 – Bikini Models on the Runway at Funkshion Miami Beach | FashionTV

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20 Responses to Toxic Sadie Swimwear 2013 – Bikini Models on the Runway at Funkshion Miami Beach | FashionTV

  1. truebluekit says:

    Sure, everybody believes you.

  2. Lexi Menichelli says:

    44 teens said That may be inaccurate but he is straightforward That can be fantastic What do you presume as a mom?

  3. QUEEN KARITA says:

    Great bodies but most of them did not make me want to buy a damn thing, they were Blah!!! Wheres the showmanship ladies.

  4. Laura Bell says:

    I love the greek meets tropic style

  5. Reba Kathleen says:

    for subscribers hunter - bitly(dot)com/RmxqEp

  6. hotkissboylady says:

    kim kardashian look like at 0:45 o.o

  7. Nabit Nabita says:

    ok…I did’t want to touch her by hands but never mind… what is her name ? :)

  8. Sidney Jose de sousa says:

    ohh some body has a crush GET A LIFE U PRICK

  9. Sidney Jose de sousa says:

    my girlfirend hands off dude

  10. Nabit Nabita says:

    The girl on 1:33…who is she ????

  11. jlrick98 says:

    If you ask me you need a little weight for the breasts

  12. xbeachparadise says:

    does anyone get to be in the front row? theres like a little 7 yr old in the front row on the left

  13. MrTrackfreek says:


  14. jamie fatale says:


  15. Sakina M says:

    definitely:) inconventional design

  16. immortal7billion says:

    I live on a island,bring on summer.

  17. alissa royamela says:

    thiner kim kardashian at 0:45 !!!!(who is that model?)

  18. EgyZy says:

    what about porn star? contact me if you are interested

  19. maxiemi says:

    i wanna be model!!!!

  20. Sarix Sarix says:

    the name is Next To Me- Emeli Sandé

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