Hang Gliding – Dune Gooning 2012, Northern Beaches, NSW Australia

A sweet breeze blowing and sun shining brought out the dune gooners in theirAirborne Fun 190s and Wills Wing Falcon 3s. I hadn’t popped out a video for a whi…
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21 Responses to Hang Gliding – Dune Gooning 2012, Northern Beaches, NSW Australia

  1. kunjidee says:

    U guys afraid of heights or sumthin? hehehehe

  2. Ian Smith says:

    This looks absolutely amazing. Hand gliding must be an incredible experience.

  3. Tommy Thompson says:

    Great to not have to carry a parachute too!

  4. MrAndrew1101 says:

    hey BigFred – so little flying lately have to live vicarously through my own videos lol…maybe SP on a Sun in a SE?

  5. Martin Kaufmann says:

    great video, terrible sound

  6. MrAndrew1101 says:

    that’s cool LookIntoTheSky – it if fantastic fun flying and great to share the experience with others, glad you enjoyed it!

  7. pepersorte says:

    You lucky lot. shorts???? we had good day on dunes yesterday, Summer here in Britain but had overalls on still and one mate when he landed after about one hour flight had his fingers white with wind chill, Cheers all petethewrist

  8. MrAndrew1101 says:

    these guys are great pilots – the song is groovy, called ‘Easy” by “Collective Efforts” off the album Medicine. More Hip Hop than Rap I think

  9. MrAndrew1101 says:

    hi Flavao60, it depends a bit on the size and shape of the hill, but wind speed of 10 to 20 knots (11.5mph to 23mph) is good. The bigger hills need less wind speed and the smaller hills like this site needs the bigger wind speed. regards Andrew

  10. Yassine Ben says:

    i did that in my dreams 3 times , i wanna do that in real life so bad

  11. MrAndrew1101 says:

    @ferniers servant – that would be excellent!

  12. MrAndrew1101 says:

    hey WardOffTheState, this is a great little beach, looking forward to the coming summer and hope to get back there. thanks for posting, cheers.

  13. MrAndrew1101 says:

    hi Mark, you are right, hang gliders aren’t as efficient when measuring glide angle.Sail planes regularly get 60:1 or better, whereas hang gliders of high performance would be lucky to get 20:1 and the gliders we are flying might be 10:1. It is a tradeoff,the sail planes cant soar little beach sites like this.Hang gliders are slow because they are not as efficient and have more drag,but on the upside they fly slower and we can fly sites that sail planes can’t….horses for courses as they say.

  14. fenriers servant says:

    work is canceled on a count of gooning

  15. paperairplanesurfer says:

    Walkalong Gliding involves you creating the lift by running behind the paper airplane with a sheet of cardboard to generate ridge lift. So there is no RC glider involved, just you sustaining and controlling the plane by moving in formation with it as it flies in free flight but your feet are walking on the ground (you are walking along with the glider). Since you provide the lift, there is no need for a ridge and wind and the flights are best carried out indoors.

  16. NepentheBlue says:

    Beautiful video, and the tune is perfect.

  17. AndRand says:

    I couldnt find producer of those harnesses with bar under feet instead of velcroed wraps under knees which is less comfy in transition especially with rope linking knees and arms going thru main carabiner.

  18. Anatolie Zmeu says:

    Love these Kinda Vids.

  19. JMSVideoUnivCity says:

    nice video… until I was forced to listen to rap. bye.

  20. MrAndrew1101 says:

    some of the rigid wing hang gliders are pretty fast (over 100kph), but there is a limit to who large (heavy) they can be as a hang glider is flown by weight shift of the pilot. If the glider is heavy then the pilot shifting their weight won’t be changing the COG of the glider…we will see what is developed in the future…sounds like a sail plane if it is towed and large and flies fast.

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