Ottawa Pro-Choice Presence at the March for “Life” – 2010

Ottawa Pro-Choice Presence at the March for “Life” – 2010

Image by Jenn Farr
Thanks to jaygabler for letting me know this image appears in the following article…

Activists stand up to anti-choice bullying in 2010

Every year church groups, religious clubs and Catholic school students gather for a national protest against womens’ reproductive freedom.

I was able to join a peaceful, Pro-Choice counter-protest. We were allowed to stand on the sidewalk while the ‘March for Life’ went by. A row of bike Police in flourescent lime jackets stood between we 36 – 45 Pro-Choicers and 8,000+ ‘Pro-Life’ marchers.

This video highlights one of the many reasons why I believe so much in reproductive freedom and justice.

Wanna get involved today?

♀ Ottawa activists:

Pro Choice Coalition Ottawa

♀ Across Canada:

Canadian Federation for Sexual Health

♀ Around the World:

Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights

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