Gloria Steinem: Mama Grizzlies Are Actually Pro-Choice

When Sarah Palin branded herself as a “mama grizzly,” she was unaware of the supreme irony: grizzly bears are the animals that most embody reproductive freed…
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14 Responses to Gloria Steinem: Mama Grizzlies Are Actually Pro-Choice

  1. jamie oxenreider says:

    I want the right to have irresponsible sex and then be more irresponsible and abort the baby and be more irresponsible and make insurance pay for it, because it is my RIGHT, but I don’t think it is fair you own a company and can pay people what you think their worth or you own a gun responsibly, because I personally don’t understand responsibility, I never really learned responsibility because I focused all my time on whoring and excuse making, figure pointing and hypocrisy, you know the standard libtard curriculum. 

  2. FirestormMovement says:

    I can not sit here and listen to this woman. She has some really deranged views. Anyone who advocates for the right of people to kill smaller people is disgusting. The left talks of freedom as if its infinite in all views, comparing us to animals is no comparison. We are human beings not animals. It’s a fundamental right to decide if a woman has kids, but its not a fundamental right to kill another human being because the economy permits it. Are you kidding me? This woman is nothing but pure evil and an incarnation of hate and division. Everyone has rights but deciding that yours are better and stronger than that of a child? You have nationalized female bodies by legislating against pro-life Americans.

  3. lovelygirl2141 says:

    Oh…..and one other thing…..THANK YOU GLORIAL STEINEM….for all that you have done for us womenfolks!

  4. junglistguy9669 says:

    audio is fucked on this video for me. real quiet

  5. MolecularMoonlight says:

    Thank you, Gloria! You are brave to stand as a voice for women all these decades, and suffer the slings and arrows of those who don’t understand. MUCH LOVE TO YOU ~ form me & my Mom. :0) :0) And from the generations to come… :0) :0) :0) :0)

  6. Unclenate1000 says:

    they always are when they’re comparing us to savage animals. tell them to speak for themselves.

  7. deepsussex says:

    when you make it to hell say hi to linda lovelace for me

  8. etowngftddummy says:

    @neverine2000 They work with every other video I’ve watched, the music I’ve listened to and the movies I’ve played! Except some of these BigThink ones! Idk man.

  9. etowngftddummy says:

    Oh my god the audio only goes through one side of my headphones!

  10. rbrittne says:

    It blows me away that abortionists and libbers who support abortions ….totally deny that they are murdering unborn babies…Just what the hell do you people think you are killing in the womb anyway????? people….ABORTION IS KILLING LITTLE TINY HUMANS!!! But you’ll cringe at a hunter taking a deer for food…or a frog getting run over by a car….Can you be any sicker???

  11. flyingdetrius says:

    Men have the option to use birth control – it is amazing how many of you forget that. You want a baby and there is no woman in your life willing to give birth . . . adopt.

  12. lovelygirl2141 says:

    This was actually something I thought of back in the 1990’s; but it never came into fruition b/c we found a cheaper pool of labor, one that proved to be far easier to exploit – the third world.

  13. BeatlesFanSonia says:

    She is married and has been for years!

  14. rbrittne says:

    Wow all you “girls” really stick together on steinam don’t ya…..LMAO

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