Ocean Exploration 2020: Jelly

Ocean Exploration 2020: Jelly

Image by NOAA Ocean Explorer
One of the goals of the Ocean Exploration 2020 National Forum is to build a stronger sense of community among ocean exploration stakeholders, which includes YOU. What steps do you think could be taken to make members of the general public feel more engaged in ocean exploration?

Check out the full agenda for the forum and be sure to keep an eye out for information on how you can provide input in moving forward: oceanexplorer.noaa.gov/oceanexploration2020/agenda.html

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  1. eddie edward ky says:

    That sense of wonder I encountered in nature arose in me as a little 7-year old lad. It has stuck with me all my 67 years. Expose the young children to that sense of wonder and there will be a new generation sailing the seas in search of magic and meaning. When it comes to the "general" public, follow Rachel Carson’s lead – she kept my sense of wonder alive through the challenge of adulthood where it’s easy to lose it.

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