Funeral of Mao 1976

Chinese Communist Party film.

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  1. Revolutionary Socialist Media says:

    In only 30 years the Chinese Communist Party transformed China into a economic world power. But at what cost? Huge income inequality, radical nationalism and capitalist exploitation. Mao Zedong would have kept China outdated and poor like North Korea, but capitalism only benefited a small elite. Workers of China need to learn that Mao was not the solution and his successors betrayed them to world capitalism. There is only one thing left to do for the CCP, fuse with the Kuomintang on Taiwan and unite China under the banner of the bourgeoisie. Because there is nothing socialist about China today, workers do not need the CCP!!

  2. warriorprince101010 says:

    The richest man who ever lived, the biggest mass murderer who ever lived. He laughed and ate the best food while the poor starved. China would be a first world country now if they had democracy after WWII instead of this animal.

  3. lizard151103 says:


  4. Bruh Man-ATL says:


  5. Miłosz Karcz says:

    Mao was the gratest mass murder in the history of china.More less 50 millions of people starved to death during his rules.

  6. Garry Wilson says:

    Well said warriorprince, this man took a cultural country and put it back to medieval times through political dogma,fear,detention without trial,oppression and mass murder. 

  7. Efrain chuquizuta ccente says:

    un hombre que lucho nada a cambio un hombre que dio nueva dignidad a su país que los países desarrollados le temían ojala en algún momento mi país puede salir de este tercer mundo

  8. zaxxxon says:

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Cult of Personality – here is a prime example of what it does to people. It was the same recently in North Korea when the Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il passed away. Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Chairman Mao Zedong was an autocrat, China’s last emperor, and his death spelled liberation for the country, which the Great Helmsman was steering on a course to utter ruin, no matter what the propaganda said to the contrary. The Great Famine of 1958-1962 was the worse in human history where 36 to 50 million peasants died of starvation (and countless acts of cannibalism were committed despite an ancient Chinese taboo against eating human flesh) during the Great Leap Forward (cf Tombstone by Yang Jisheng). And then there was the Cultural Revolution, a list ditch attempt by Mao to hang on to power (after the Great Leap mistake) which resulted in the “annihilation of historical China” and the killing of a few more millions of people, including a lot of CCP cadres who could have revealed what devastation Mao’s follies had caused. Both of these disasters can be directly attributed to Mao Zedong for it was his ideas and his alone that led to the death of probably as much as 70 million of his own people, once he had taken power in 1949. Who knows how many more he led to their death beforehand during the civil war and the war against Japan. Deng Xiaoping was the one who helped bring China into the modern world, not Mao. Indeed, under Mao, the CCP did not practice parliamentary politics but practiced instead “conference politics”, where the supreme leader expressed his ideas and all those present agreed, for those with dissenting views were rapidly “silenced and re-educated”, thereby transforming a democratic institution into an autocratic one.

  9. Efrain chuquizuta ccente says:

    descanse en paz maestro

  10. Zaq Voir says:

    mass murder was much easier before mass media

  11. Andy Lavandero says:

    This and NK are different in many ways. China really cries for their leader. NK wails for their leader. If only they were alike.

  12. Arik Li says:

    Fuck you mao zedong! Fuck your damn communist shitty red book! You deserve to die you evil bastard! You stupid bitch, you fucking millions with your bull-shit “wisdom”. 你他媽的毛澤東! 你他媽的該死的共產主義低劣的毛主席語錄!你該死你邪惡的混蛋!你這個愚蠢的婊子,你他媽的殺了數百萬與你的牛市狗屎“智慧”。 你他妈的毛泽东!你他妈的该死的共产主义低劣的毛主席语录!你该死你邪恶的混蛋!你这个愚蠢的婊子,你他妈的杀了数百万与你的牛市狗屎“智慧”!

  13. janalecdavalos says:

    those dislikes have death penalty

  14. gian paolo Puglisi says:

    Thanks !

  15. NoShame86 says:

    Finally not to mention seeing Russia’s OMON dragging leftist/communist party members of the recent anti-putin protests into police vans beating them up.

  16. tseringjam says:

    oh so you really know about mao then tell me why he forcefully occupied Tibet do you think its good? if yes then why Tibetans are killed,raped,robbed and dishonoured? I hate chiang,ten or who ever communist leader after mao continuing torture in Tibet.hate them all …. really. they are all same shit.

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