Goa Hot Beach – Calangute Candolim Beach

Calangute Beach is the most famous beaches in all the GOA. It is the most colorful Goa beach in India, as shown in this Video. For more info – visit – http:/…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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18 Responses to Goa Hot Beach – Calangute Candolim Beach

  1. Helmut Hummer says:

    yeah not bad but you know this is youtube you can do much better. found a site the other day which is out of control just real horny girls who want to skype and get naughty hit this up in your browser: bit.ly/129OVtm?=fsjkd

  2. GoaPics says:

    one of the best beach in goa after palolem. Visit for more pics goapics.in

  3. vikrant bipul says:

    wow.. good to know that what goan thinks about indians… I just got to know goan is different then indians

  4. Mike jones says:

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  5. Pravin Bhat says:

    We Thank Nehru for freeing us from Portugal but as he promised it would be for Goans to decided whether we want to join Indian Union and that is as per International Law of ” Indigenous peoples right for self determination” Goans invied Nehru to Liberate us not free us. Or else America could have occupied after they drove Sadam Hussien out of Kuwait.

  6. Pravin Bhat says:

    . Though India claims that Goa is integral to India (forget Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan). Till 14th August 1947 the so called British India was a concoction of 500 princely states. (Thanks to the Brits for uniting them).THE BIG DIFFERENCE IS the indigenous Goans ARE CULTURED AND 400 YEARS AHEAD OF THE INDIAN CIVILISATION. SO WHEN IT COMES TO BASIC MANNERS INDIANS SUCK (leeches), ONE OF THE REASONS WHY THEY GET THRASHED IN A COUNTRY LIKE AUSTRALIA WHERE STUPIDITY IS NOT TOLERATED

  7. Pravin Bhat says:

    India invaded Goa. We are Indian Occupied Goa (IOG) Fuck of Indians. Fuck your Soares-Chavan Treaty in 1975,to sell Goa to India Illegally. Fuck Portugal, fuck India, Fuck Russia who supported the Invasion, and lastly fuck the UNO the United Nation and America. Indians please do us a favour. Stay the fuck out of Goa.

  8. vivaan kumar says:

    Name is India, seems siemen of India and crying on Indian, that is why India is getting bad name as India like Deepak has always bad in India, still we Indian’s dont care about shits and we are required by every one in world for there superior works…..

  9. beckfreak2000 says:

    Not at all cool ! go to jamaica instead now thats cool ! 

  10. JoebenProduction says:

    Why did you go there if you knew it was dirties beaches in the world at least we (Goans) enjoy what we have not the bad tourist who come there only for drugs and drinks and ruin the beaches.

  11. JoebenProduction says:

    I respect for you that, So many outsiders ( Only Indians) come to Goa and ruin the name of Goa, You know they stare ate the tourist (Ladies) like pervert’s then they rape them.

  12. deepak dessai says:

    You find Indians in dirty underwears to ogle at forien tourists clicking their photos in Bikinis. The pervert Gon mentality. Their wives and sisters should see how they behave after they get drunk. 

  13. deepak dessai says:

    Indian are Dirty freaks. After invading they have now brought all their corruption into Goa. Indian do not match an inch with the modesty and manners of Goans. Indians Please Stay out of Goa. Go to Bombay instead. You’ll relish the smell there on the side of the rail tracks. Bombay Indians along with Nehru sold Goa to Indians. Ask the United Nations and also your own Supreme court. They have judged that Goa was invaded and taken by conquest. Goa is Indian-occupied-Goa(IOG), a colony of India.

  14. razor bull says:

    this is only calangute beach where is candolim beach ????!!!! :putnam: :poop:

  15. MadiraRas says:

    Never went to Candolim beach.

  16. Karl Phillips says:

    all them people and just one toilet………

  17. mcintoshzulu says:

    been there….its the most overated and dirtiest beach resort in the world!!!! all domestic touriets

  18. gabbbas04 says:

    in Turkey and Egypt – closed beaches

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