Expat France – Living Amongst Others

Expats of France will find that there are few countries that provide as much for the people as their own. Have you recently moved to France either temporarily or permanently? Then you are what is commonly referred to as an Expat France. Consider yourself lucky as you have just opened yourself to a world of culture, history and cuisine. Living in a country that is about one thousand and fourteen hundred years old offers you a wealth of opportunity to study a country that was once the most powerful nation in the world.

Are you a history enthusiast? Try visiting the Louvre and seeing the art and sculptures of mankind such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Michelangelo’s The Dying Slave, or Raphael’s The Holy Family of Francis I. Visit the famous battle sites that the “Tiny General” Napoleon Bonaparte stood upon during the war to expand his nation’s borders. See the beaches of Normandy where British, Canadian and American troops landed on French shores to stop Hitler’s Nazi war machine to free the people from the iron grip of war.

France is extremely well known for its fine cuisine, its creators of the best sauces in the world and its makers of the finest wines. The only thing that will suffer in France is possibly your waistline. Sample escargot, cr?pes, or for the person of discerning tastes and deep pocket books a dish with truffles or foie gras.

As vastly misunderstood people, the French are warm and inviting to people new to their country. They are understanding when someone does not speak their native tongue, and are very appreciative and patient if you try to make the effort to speak it. Respect is abounding if you are willing to show you are trying to understand them and their proud heritage and ways.

One of the nicest features of France (specifically Paris) is that downtown London is less than three hours via the Euro Star train. Spend an afternoon visiting with the Queen then it is back home for a glass of fine red wine or a show at the Moulin Rouge – they are the inventors of Bohemian theater after all.

You’re also fortunate that France is heralded as having one of the, if not the, best health care systems in the world. If you are an expecting mother, have no worries. The French medical system will pay for an Au pair to help you out with the new arrival and with your work around the home for a year after you give birth. If you are someone that has need of medications on a regular basis, in many cases the medical system will pay 15% to even 100% of your prescription costs.

If you have young children, you are also in luck! France is globally thought to have one of the best educational systems in the world. They expect extremely high scores from their students, and the language barrier is easily bridged by tutors supplied by the school to help your son or daughter succeed, and achieve everything that they could ever desire. So congratulations on moving to France.

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