Michigan Mackinaw Straits Scuba Diving

Michigan Mackinaw Straits Scuba Diving

July 2007 dive on the Sandusky and the Martin Stalker. 2 ships that sank in the mid 1800s in excellent condition. Divers Rick Saterstad, David Saterstad and Kristie Saterstad. Water temp at depth: 43 degrees

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25 Responses to Michigan Mackinaw Straits Scuba Diving

  1. iampeeay01 says:

    would like to experience diving in that area… it seems fun… :)

  2. masm60 says:

    I hate diving in cold water.

  3. CMink7777 says:

    2 Albino souts swim with the Belafonte at all times.

  4. achilles6312 says:

    did you use a dry suit or a 7mm and another? or just a 7 mm? also did you use nitorx, or oxygen, and did you use cold water regulators or regular? so many questions. the sandusky would be a fun night dive

  5. diversnetwork says:

    Gosh thanks for the advise. Actually the charter called the shots and I mentioned it on board. We did just fine though. ~Rick

  6. DiverDennisL says:

    Always do your deepest dive first!

  7. diversnetwork says:

    I presume authorities would get a little nervous about that. Most dives in the straits are done through a dive charter. ~Rick

  8. nevsky1961 says:

    COLD WATER! Can you dive the caison’s of the bridge itself, or is that a security no no? Thanks.

  9. Cunhambebe says:

    Thanks a lot for taking time to respond, Rick! Cheers!

  10. diversnetwork says:

    That dive I think was at about 100 feet… even in summer probably only about 39 degress. Fish tend to hang out in shallower waters. Mackinac is beautifual and there are many fishing spots, ~Rick

  11. Cunhambebe says:

    Looks great, but where are the schools of fish? Do people go fishing there often? The region of Mackninac Island is very beautiful.

  12. diversnetwork says:

    Thanks! Yes there are a lot of great places to dive in Michigan…including pools!

  13. diversnetwork says:

    Thanks. begnning track is Don Ross – Passion Setting. ~Rick

  14. diversnetwork says:

    Thanks! ~Rick

  15. vdoengineer says:

    Not really… I live in South Orlando, near Kissimmee. Palatka is about 2.5 hours away. So I’m in the general location, but it’s not in my backyard! Cave diving… you Michiganders sure like that cold water! Cave diving takes another cert card. Personally I’ve been diving in The Keys, Hawaii, Rotan Honduras, and Bonaire… all warm waters and easy diving. My group is looking for a great dive/vacation spot for this summer, perhaps Cancun or Belize.

  16. diversnetwork says:

    Your welcome here. Lot of great diving in the great lakes. I’ve done some cave diving in ginnie springs (dveils ear…) are you near there?

  17. vdoengineer says:

    Thanks for the information. Perhaps I will come up there to dive someday soon. Be safe!

  18. diversnetwork says:

    Hello. It was July. Surface temps were probably around 70, but at depth 80-100 temps are close to freazing, at around 38 degrees. We dive in drysuits, but a few others on the boat were in wetsuits. While I personally havent taken a drysuit class, there is one available but not required. This was a recreational dive so since we didn’t penetrate these wrecks (too much) anyone with advanced dive card can go.

  19. vdoengineer says:

    I grew up in Michigan, but moved down to Florida and have only experienced warm waters. So, what time of year (I assume it was summer) and what was the water temp? Also, did you dive in dry suits. Is there an additional certification recommended (say… for cold water) aside from wreck diving cert? I am fascinated to say the least.

  20. marczakflys says:

    Very cool! Maybe someday I’ll take up diving,but for now I’ll just enjoy flying PPG.

  21. stillrob420 says:

    that bridge is tiny

  22. scubajenjen says:

    I am in Green Bay. How much do you charge to go out?

  23. diversnetwork says:

    hmm. well I’ll tell you what. when you firm up your plans to come to Michigan let us know.

  24. chriskila says:

    hey if i go scuba diving there with yu can i crash over at your place for some days?;) i live in sweden thinking about going to michigan

  25. diversnetwork says:

    I agree! ~Rick

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