Supra speedo video, 1099 rwhp JamieP.

Supra speedo video, 1099 rwhp JamieP.

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13 Responses to Supra speedo video, 1099 rwhp JamieP.

  1. KezzaaHD says:

    its a 40 second video and you see his fuel go down haha

  2. JayMark2049 says:

    LOL! Nice one dude! Hahaha!

  3. JayMark2049 says:

    I’m sorry but you are entirely wrong. Acting like a frustrated kid won’t change that. Please grow up and learn your facts before talking shit. It is physically impossible to prevent fuel from moving in car’s tank.

  4. JayMark2049 says:

    Of course buddy. It’s a 2JZ-GTE. Here is what the engine codes mean. 2 = Second generation (of the engine) JZ = Engine family (the JZ engines are 24-valve DOCH inline-6s) G = Performance wide-angle valve DOHC T = Turbocharged (stock comes with twin-sequential turbos) E = Electronic fuel injection

  5. LBigJake14 says:

    This was so sick i switched to porn when my mom walked in

  6. Chris Monroe says:

    haha, you called me a dipshit. That’s a pretty cool car in your profile picture. Does yours have an anti-sloshing gas tank? I want to get one of those, an anti-sloshing gas tank. That’s physically impossible you moron. Do you mean anti sloshing foam? That last sentence you wrote was misspelled, you were supposed to put, “I’m”. You put you’re. When you’re talking about yourself, you need to use, “I’m”. Have a great day!

  7. Chris Monroe says:

    You’re hilarious. Thanks for making my day sir. haha

  8. Sam J Pettersson says:

    yeah i get the idea x)

  9. deanluvshimself1 says:

    what is the engines name of this car ? there are jza80 rz and what not but what engine is this ? can anyone help

  10. klj100295 says:

    I can’t even imagine getting sideways at 140 mph spread are fuckin insane

  11. cursedMaul1 says:

    that kind of power, no tires will be good enough.

  12. JamiePGTR says:

    6800 iirc

  13. RonX91 says:

    From the guy uploading civic videos… LOL

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