(Barefoot match) WWE RAW: Swimsuit Tag Team Battle Royale, Maryse French Kisses Mickie James

Maryse drives Mickie into the canvas, before laying on her barefoot opponent for the pinfall.

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23 Responses to (Barefoot match) WWE RAW: Swimsuit Tag Team Battle Royale, Maryse French Kisses Mickie James

  1. Christian Greenforever says:

    Maryse is hotter, sorry but kelly reminds me of a little girl. lol

  2. Matt UK1 says:

    +SaintsRowDiva Mickie James was never a pornstar. And Mickie is the only women to be a 9 time World Champion. Making her 1 of the greatest of all time.

  3. setokaiba991 says:

    I don’t know who’s hotter Kelly Kelly, Maryse, Torrie Wilson, or Stacy Keibler. Personally I’d prefer Stacy Keibler, but that’s just me. If only Maryse joined the WWE back when WWE was watchable. Back when WWE was rated PG-14. I’d would loved to have seen Maryse feud with Torrie Wilson and Sable.

  4. Ice Cole says:

    Haha to the people who thought they kissed. Maryse’s finisher is the French kiss. The title was to make you think that they were going to actually kiss. 

  5. The Strong says:

    I love you Maryse

  6. costas22 says:

    Pity we didn’t get an actual french kiss, but that cover was so sexy.

  7. Abbas Khan says:

    DAYUM Mickie is HOT!! 

  8. Wally Mores says:

    I still can’t believe miz and maryse are t…..TOGETHER!!!! 

  9. louisecarlto says:

    wtf happened wwe divas? Most of these skinny bitches look like they’ve never done a proper workout in their lives.

  10. Zlatan Ibrahimovic says:

    why kelly kelly wore boots?

  11. Chino Brady says:

    Maryse’s finisher is called the french kiss smh

  12. Jo Gølphin says:

    Yea.where’s the French kissing i came to see?

  13. Steve McKeown says:

    Why do so many people make such a big deal about Kelly Kelly? She’s just not that hot.

  14. Juan Martín Aguilar Vallejos says:

    kelly kelly is the better

  15. jayden tracey says:

    Kelly Kelly is a Barbie

  16. Darren Criss says:

    maryse = hottest diva ever

  17. Luis Suarez says:

    Those guys are staring at kellys ass

  18. jbrbbrfan says:

    Anything that could ever happen happens in some parallel universe (many worlds interpretation) there are BILLIONS of parallel universes where Kelly Kelly was 100 percent barefoot for this entire match i am serious

  19. Coraima Toro says:

    when the WWE was worth it

  20. Angie Purple says:

    I love Maryse. :D

  21. anh tho says:

    Gail Kim

  22. Elie Ramos says:

    Matt UK 1 actually she made 1 sex tape before being a wwe diva.

  23. GiGiTM says:

    Mickie <3

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