advises travelers to stay safe whilst abroad.

(PRWEB UK) 26 March 2013

With the holiday season soon to start, the lucky among us will be jetting off to some sunny beach resort to relax and take in the rays. Online travel extras company has provided an overview of things to think about before and during your travels to help keep you safe.

A spokesmen for the company commented: the holiday is often the highlight of our year, something to really look forward to and whilst we are away we want to kick back, relax and enjoy ourselves. We often try new things but its extremely important travelers stay safe whilst away. There are a few ways in which we can help improve safety whilst travelling by thinking ahead and planning certain aspects. advised travelers to think in advance particularly highlighting the importance of taking photocopies of important documents such as passport, insurance certificate and driving license and keeping these away from the originals. taking a photocopy of any important paperwork is such as easy thing to do, it takes just five minutes and can be so handy should you lose your documents, you can even store them online in a storage area such as Google Docs.

The company also highlighted both medical protection and the need to plan on how you will look after your finances and money whilst away.

When we are away the chances of medical issues are increased, theres often a warmer climate, unusual foods and sometimes the water is unsafe to drink. New experiences and changes can leave us feeling ill so thy not consider a small travelers first aid kit, this will fit into your luggage easily enough and could come in handy especially if your travelling with young children.

The company also advised against carrying large amounts of cash, instead recommending travelers split their money across travelers cheques, cards and a small amount of money. many of us change up our money at the airport or in advance and travel with a wallet or purse full of money but thats not such a good idea. Its important to split your money up just in case, keep a reasonable amount locked away in the hotel room safe, keep a card out of your wallet, anything to split up your finances so you’ve always got a backup plan should the unfortunate happen.

There are plenty of further things to do before and during your travels which will help to ensure a safe experience such as abiding by foreign laws and customs and the company recommends checking the FCO website before travelling.

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