[Free!] Samezuka Swim Team – Dating a Matsouka

Here are some tips that will help you get game….. Unless your names are Seijuro Mikoshiba and Aiichiro Nitori rintori and seigou … W00t.

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4 Responses to [Free!] Samezuka Swim Team – Dating a Matsouka

  1. Chichiwu says:

    so cuuute! that rintori forehead kiss *o*

  2. TheAwkwardFairy says:

    Omg this is too cute! You all are so perfect ! 

  3. anime fan says:

    Aw, very cute. Amazing work and great cosplays! I look forward to seeing more from you. :D 

  4. Angel Moore says:

    I love it! Everything and everyone so cute!

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