LIVE ONLINE REAL RESULTS PARTY!!! REAL: Nothing less than what is stated.

LIVE ONLINE REAL RESULTS PARTY!!! REAL: Nothing less than what is stated.
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~ Live Online Real Results Party ~


My FIRST Preferred Customer to set up an auto-delivery order of the Night & Day Cream Combo Pack, and my FIRST Brand Partner to order a Success Pack, will each receive a FREE bottle of NeriumAD night cream. Retail value = 0.00. Register above!  



NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment is a true breakthrough in anti-aging skincare as a result of our PATENTED NAE-8 EXTRACT which is derived from the Nerium Oleander plant. Our product was formulated after more than 10 years of scientific research and clinical testing. NeriumAD has been scientifically proven to produce Real Results, 3 times more effectively than any other product on the market, as demonstrated in our third-party clinical trials conducted by ST&T Research. 

Have you seen what NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment is doing for people of all skin types? It is dramatically reducing and improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, skin texture, aging skin and more! We are confident that you will not only find NeriumAD to be one of the most effective products you have ever used, but also one of the safest!





The Nerium Experience is helping us look better and live better! Check out this exciting video that explains how you can improve your skin, your finances, and your life with this amazing company!






          Preferred Customer Promotion & New Brand Partner Promotion




FREE DAY CREAM FOR LIFE: By signing up as a Preferred Customer and choosing the combo set of our day and night cream on auto-delivery, you'll pay 0 for 3 consecutive months then the price will be reduced to a month. That's both the day cream and night cream for the same price as a single bottle of night cream! Your day cream will be FREE for life! You'll also receive a FREE website and a FREE subscription to the Live Happy Magazine! 




Want to save even more? You can earn your night cream free by participating in our 3URFREE program. (See details below.)


        It's simple! 1 STEP Night Cream! 1 STEP Day Cream! That's it! 




              BECOME A PREFFERED CUSTOMER NOW:  Click Here!

NEW BRAND PARTNER SPECIAL: Sign up to receive our Success Pack or Premier Success Pack and receive nearly DOUBLE THE PRODUCT FREE!

EARN EXTRA INCOME! Become a Brand Partner Today! 

Nerium offers the most lucrative compensation plan available.  There are 13 different ways to get paid PLUS bonuses you CAN'T live without! Bonuses such as our 90-Day Real Results Contest; FREE inventory, FREE iPad; FREE Lexus Car Bonus;Lluxury Vacations; Live Better Bonuses in the amount of ,000.00, 0,000.00, 0,000.00, 0,000.00 and YES, even a ,000,000.00 Live Better Bonus!



Thank you for your interest!  I look forward to you joining my team!
Laura Rackers
Ph: 573-415-6332

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