’s Top 11 Swimwear Trends for 2011

What are the Hot Trends this year? Here’s the eagerly awaited trend report on the most eye-catching looks that’ll hit the beach this season.

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17 Responses to’s Top 11 Swimwear Trends for 2011

  1. opticmanz says:

    Jessica Rafalowski. 100% positive. There are other videoes with her in it. Cheers

  2. Luigi874 says:

    Good with it.

  3. PhightinPhil8008 says:

    The same girl at 1:50 … Kate Upton.

  4. Luong Thanh Tung says:

    please ,who can tell me name of the girl at 1:57

  5. smuggecko says:

    very interesting video thanks

  6. CYUNME says:

    I agree. Just because American are known for being obese doesn’t mean everyone is. I weigh 125lbs and is skinnier than an ironing board.

  7. fclavijo says:

    thank you lord

  8. vanhodid says:

    i think her modeling name is beach bunny, look it up in google like this “beach bunny model”

  9. guidetoanything says:

    well not every girl in america is fat and ugly :( excuse me for being proud of being born here…i happen to know america can be messed up, but so can every other place in the world…i like my home, and fyi, im an american woman and i only weigh 95lbs…

  10. MrBrucebracey says:

    very interesting video thanks

  11. GREASELIGHTING100 says:

    :30 anyone find kate upton?

  12. jackpod43 says:

    i just came here for kate <3

  13. solidsnakepower says:

    who is the girl at 3:50?

  14. roadrunner1024 says:

    Go straight to 4:33 for “the bottom line” !

  15. quidproquo2004 says:


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