Want to be a US NAVY SEAL? Here is how to train, tips from SEALs!

This is a full length look at what you need to work out and prepare to be able to do to become a US NAVY SEAL. If you want to be one of the best fighting men…
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14 Responses to Want to be a US NAVY SEAL? Here is how to train, tips from SEALs!

  1. US Military Videos & Photos says:

    Ever thought you wanted to be a Navy S.E.A.L.? Check out what it takes..

  2. Daniels1999 says:

    I can’t swim, run and have very little shooting practice, can I be a SEAL?

  3. heber rincon says:

    Fuck its going to take alot of training for me to become a SEAL.

  4. Sean Bowman says:

    90% mental 10% physical

  5. Andy Jones says:

    Quit with the sexist comments, there are plenty of women who can physically(and mentally handle) the training and their. Women don’t need the testosterone. I think there are just as many woman as there are men who can become SEALs.

  6. Mica Ny says:

    only in my dreams :o

  7. Tatty Blue says:

    U.S. Army Seal adds women by 2015, I’m training to enter!

  8. Gauntlet Jiu-Jitsu says:

    Tatty blue how fucking stupid are you. The seals are NAVY.

  9. MR.X says:

    5:09 That guy looks like the black version of Powder

  10. dylan howard says:

    Guys, even if they let women in BUD/S, I don’t think they could pass. These guys are the fittest in the world. Withall due respect, the fittest men are stronger than the fittest women… Which means that no woman could make it. Give me a valid reasonto beleive they should allow women!

  11. Capta Marta says:

    in indonesia u must pay to become a soldier

  12. Cameron Stone says:

    Myron gaines, special operators are silent warriors. if you were part of a special operations unit, you would not be bragging about it.

  13. pittster57 says:

    Ok question, do you need to go to basic training first before entering the nso?

  14. Steven Khairi says:

    The reason why women shouldn’t be allowed into these kind of units is due to the risks involved. If women were to be captured by the enemy on a mission, they would be more vulnerable to exploitations & degrading tortures by the enemy as compared to men.

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