Surfing’s Got This Little Guy’s Seal of Approval

Shot 100% on the HERO3® camera from Math captured this GoPro footage of a baby seal climbing on his board and playing with him and a fri…
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18 Responses to Surfing’s Got This Little Guy’s Seal of Approval

  1. Julius Fawcett says:

    If you love animals, eat a vegan diet, I wish you all peace, love and harmony xxx

  2. Frigid319 says:

    He’s resting because he’s been running from that great white circling under your feet. I had this same thing happen to me while surfing. Only it was a baby seal and he was literally out of breath when he got on my board. I calmly paddled in. 

  3. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    Thank god it was a seal of approval and not a shark of terror like usual.

  4. Charlie The Beagle and Laura Olivia says:

    Awww…small seal want to learn how to surf. I hope she gets a free lessons♥

  5. Short Round says:

    He/she just wanted to hang out with the boys and share waves =)

  6. szezone says:

    If you see seals are trying so hard to get out form the water, you may want to check if there are sharks approaching first ;)

  7. Angelica Perduta says:

    Oh… ain’t he cute <3 slippery?

  8. Colman Fink says:

    *Surfing’s Got This Little Guy’s Seal of Approval.* Baby seal jumps on his surfboard. That’s funny! #tw 

  9. Alonzorion's Blind Let's Plays! says:

    Something’s wrong with it’s left eye.

  10. Victor Del Prete says:

    Dog of the sea.

  11. thebullybuffalo says:

    Did you consider that the seal might be injured? It looks desperate

  12. Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ says:

    Hey +Bryan Burnett — I think these surfers just got trolled by a sea-doge. #ManySurf #MuchLol #wow

  13. Diego Rivera says:

    Lovely video. It’s very fortunate nothing bad came of it. Did nobody think that where there are seals, there are seal-eaters like great whites, tiger sharks, and killer whales? Especially near nurseries (which I can only assume is where these guys were for that pup to be there)… And they hunt seals in the surface more often than under it… something to think about the next time you think “aw that cute baby seal wants to swim next to me!” :)

  14. OLMECA says:

    Imagine that seal was trying to get away from a shark or an killer whale that was trying to eat it, this video would of been a lot more tragic

  15. AirShark95 says:

    Seal is like: “Dude! THERE IS A FUCKING SHARK IN THE WATER! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!” Surfer: “Awww… look at this guy!” Seal: “FUCKING GO!!!”

  16. IMerk E says:

    that is so awsome 

  17. Chakib Tsouli says:

    To be honest, I wouldn’t spend a minute with a seal out in the open ocean. That’s a shark/killer whale magnet man! :D

  18. Fuzz Ibrahim says:

    Reading some comments, and judging by the appearance of the in it’s current condition. It was probably running away from a predator shark/killer whale or it could be really tired and old that it needed a platform to rest on. Source: Aussie pop artist (swag) 

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